Barbara Walker, Nanaimo, BC Canada

“I have had numerous readings from some of the most successful spiritual coaches in the world, and I have found Giselle to be one of the most accurate and trustworthy. Over the past four years I have had several sessions with Giselle. In my most recent session with her that centered around my financial investments, she began the session by creating a sacred space by calling in her high level guides which elevated and purified the energy right away and helped me to feel safe and relaxed and more receptive to the extremely valuable insight and guidance she gave me. After our session my trust in my financial advisor was restored and with the clear action steps that she gave me I felt more confident and empowered to take control of my money.

Going to Giselle for the highest guidance is a smart investment!”


Ann Webb, Founder of Skin Organics

“Giselle delivers 100% of the time.

She specializes in digging deep, taking your ideas, getting them organized very quickly, and then she has a wealth of connections.

She uses her energy to bring people together in the right space. She knows how to form relationships and she understands how to build very strong teams. She just built an alliance around me and forced me up to a different level. “