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Author of 6 books, podcast host, multimedia producer and ascension ambassador, Giselle Koy is a presenter with an authentic style, a graceful command of a room, and a unique ability to help others unlock their own authentic power. Koy does this not only through her words, but through the energy she cultivates in a room. She believes in the power of groups and the ability for people to hyper-accelerate when they come together for higher purposes.

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Presentation Topics. 

Ascension Power, is the force behind our individual and collective awakening. “How do I tap into this? Where is the entry point into this experience? How do I increase this force and use it to power my life?” These and many questions are answered as Giselle tells her own awakening story and what has worked and not worked on the road towards ascension. There are surprises along the way and there are many moments that will awaken and validate others experiences as well. This is a journey the audience will go through in their own hearts and minds as their Ascension Power becomes awakened to new levels.

The Power of Permission, seems like an obvious and easy thing to achieve. However, through the 6 years that Giselle has been working one on one with people she finds that every single person has some level of hidden ungranted permission that is holding them back. Through audience participation, Giselle guides the room into new areas of freedom, to reveal the full dream hidden in every heart.

Calling in the Cosmic Rays, is a ceremonial opening to events in which the higher forces of divine will are palpably brought into the room. Giselle uses decrees from her books, “The Platinum Ray,” “The Golden Christed Ray,” and the “Codes of Immortality,” to raise the frequency for the highest outcome of the event. Often working with a sound healer as accompaniment, this is a special presentation that leaves everyone elevated and creates a higher timeline for the unfolding of the event.

Hyper-Accelerate Your Life, is a 6 step course condensed into one hour that literally lives up to its name. Through new practices and what Giselle calls “Extreme Technology” the audience learns specific ways to become younger, smarter, more focused and a greater force for good in the world. This is a fast paced and super dynamic presentation that helps accelerate all who attend.


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The power of speech does not rely upon meaning. Words carry energy all by themselves. They vibrate through the air, with the intention of the
speaker, shaping consciousness and touching hearts whether understood or not.
— Daniel Black, The Coming

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