Mastery of Love: A Message from Sanat Kumara


Mastery of Love: A Message from Sanat KumaraThe Root of all things is love. Get to the root always and as quick as you can. In every endeavor, find the flow of love first and send it out, like a river flowing to all life forms. Flow Love to all on Planet Earth. You are there and can send love light very powerfully as an inhabitant of this dimension. Yes find the still point so that you can feel your way to the grand generosity of the human heart flowing love to all sentient beings.

See it as a luminous system of aqueducts, flowing perfectly. Celebrate the arrival of oneself into one’s larger self – the one beyond the grasper, the one who no longer is seeking, into the One that flows love to all.

Celebrate this Arrival into Mastery of Love.

Channeled by Giselle Koy

Excalibur! A Message from El Morya as King Arthur: Delivered by Giselle Koy

Excalibur! A Message from El Morya as King Arthur: Delivered by Giselle Koy Let he who wields this sword be heard! For it is I who pulled it from its slumber in the rock. But not by strength. It was by the perfect intersection of my innocence, my pure heart and the existence of the Nature Kingdom of Camelot.

Yes it was a moment in time when magic made itself a force I could hold in my hand.

Excalibur is the ideal resolution to any situation made manifest. It is virtuosity in deed and steel – another intersection of God and Man, here on Earth.

Justice, righteousness, impeccability, all qualities forged by man’s true nature—Unsheathed.

Kiss the Sword called Excalibur, an etheric object much like the Holy Grail. They are both ephermeral and many things to many people at many different times—a shape shifting artifact.

Let Excalibur continue to float and spin, throwing off shards of divine light, reflected by the sun and landing in the twinkle of a masterful and noble man’s eye.

Let everyman carry the word as is his birthright and his perfect intersection of pure heart and virtuous deed.

The Reign of Excalibur

The Art of Friendship

The Art of Friendship

Let in the art of friendship for art it is. It is not obligation or therapy session or riddled with any rules – except for the artistry of being a comrade in arms, a partner in non-crime, a delightful reflection of self, a privilege of presence, a frolic in a park on an autumn day, a cohort in hysterical laughter and a finely sculpted shoulder to rest one’s weary head. Time together is always a gift, presented and received as such.

A wide swath of honor surrounds friendship, cloaked in righteous pride. You can say to the world, I am proud to call this being a friend, even if ones’ encounters are brief.

Renew your idea of friendship and return it to its beginning moment of handing an animal cracker to somebody you liked for no reason. Light hearted and fun-spirited is the way with no other requirements.

Plain and simple now with all the rules gone and the ultimate proof visible – the genuine smile that is shared between two fellow travellers here on Planet Earth.

Blessings to all friends and friendships for the warmth they bring—so welcomed and appreciated beyond words and without words. Beloved are the ones you may call - a friend.

A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy

The New Law of Attraction: A Message from Our Higher Selves


The New Law of Attraction: A Message from Our Higher Selves It is the same law of attraction in that you must be in the same vibration of that which you seek. But here’s the upgrade: you now don’t have to work so hard to emotionally visualize and cultivate the feeling/desire.

Now the heart just automatically emits the vibration of your resonant desire and draws to it that which is of similar resonance.

Meaning the heart is its own self-powered magnet to your ideal resonant frequencies.

Yes your software is now your hardware too. Free installation, courtesy of Ascension energies.

In general, we can relax and not try so hard! Less effort on manifesting and more relaxing into the heart space.

Ahhhhh! So much easier!

A Message from God 12.22.12: Delivered by Giselle Koy

A Message from God 12.20.12: Delivered by Giselle Koy Beloveds, Come sit close. Now is the time. My plan which you called God’s Plan is now unfolding and has been since sufficient levels of light have been reached.

Yes God’s Plan is coming to fruition and it is the New Earth Terra. Clean water, birds singing, green fields, blue skies, love in all hearts.

Reaching the new ground level to begin anew, the fresh start of purity that will spill into every aspect of life on your new home. There will be new wonderment and a brand new start in past, current and freshly forming relationships

This is God’s Harmony, the harmonic frequency with which to now Begin Anew.

Welcome to the beginning. You will now know and carry much more of my love in your hearts as this has always been the plan!

Welcome Home My Beloveds of All Beloveds. And feel God’s Love, My Love, The Love of the Great Father and Mother, beyond doubt and beyond All.

Feel the Great One Resounding through the Cosmos.

Hear the Divine Symphony of the heavenly spheres in alignment and attunement at this 26,000 year cycle of completion.

God’s Plan is in the Lord’s Prayer, a great invocation for Ascension.

12.20 The Blue Eve of Ascension: Meditation and What if You Feel Nothing

The Blue Eve of Ascension: Recommended Meditations and What if You Feel Nothing The Blue Eve of Ascension: Recommended Meditations and What if You Feel Nothing

As Ascension occurs, each soul has a specific track of blue light upon which it tracks itself. It is a ray of blue light coming in as blue lightening, an electromagnetic frequency.

This is a lightening bolt which quickens, purifies and ignites the Ascension Track, connecting the core of the earth to the central sun.

Think blue light today! In your meditations, exhale an ascending breath of blue light. These blue rays are sparks, much like lightening rods and the sparks of all beings altogether create the blue planetary storm of today.

Be in remembrance of all things blue today. The Blue Ray of Purification The Blue Planetary Storm of the Mayan View The Blue Kachina Prophecy of the Hopis and the Coming of the Star People

Let your awareness drop into your heart where you keep drawing energy in. Once you draw enough energy in, it too ignites into the rainbow spark, the combined colors of this light spectrum into a frozen band of color, creating the rainbow bridge.

It is on this bridge from your ignited heart that you cross, that Mother Earth crosses and the density matrix crosses over to from 3 to 4 to 5 density.

What if nothing happens? The planetary alignment will occur, that is a fact. But what if you feel nothing?

If you don’t, please don’t worry. You didn’t miss and you didn’t do anything wrong. Clear all negative reactions. Just know instead that the Ascension Gates are open, the path is available and according to your timing, it will happen to you and through you. The Ascension Bridge will be firmly in place.

You will not be left behind! All inhabitants of Earth will be lead there by energy and by those who are here to show the way. Many have been preparing for a long time and many have not even heard the word ascension.

So if you feel nothing, know it is coming. Yes, to each and everyone.

Meanwhile, just pay attention to your heart and enjoy these new energies. Stir it with love everyday, that is the recipe.

A Message from the Ascension Team Delivered by Giselle Koy

The Celestial Stadium / A Live Report from the Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy

The Celestial Stadium / A Live Report from the Hierarchy Delivered from Giselle Koy Filing in are all great beings of light. Such an assembly has not been seen for millennia or if ever!

All great beings are taking a seat and greeting each other in a grand reunion, one that has been planned for an eternity; the Final Crowning Glory of the Ascension of Planet Earth.

Just 3 days away, there is excitement beyond measure for the conclusion of the great experiment of Earth!

How can one imagine it will unfold? There are so many aspects that have been carefully planned. The bringing together of all this will be unprecedented.

Reporting live, from the high heavens and the spiritual hierarchy, et al: The Great Shift of the Ages.

The Super Bowl? The Olympics? The Oscars? We have no comparison here on Earth. We have no comparison in the heavens!

It is a breath-taking spectacle as all beings with their twin rays, flames and counterparts arrive together and greet each other with rapturous delight to see each other!

This is too much!

Beaming in from all higher dimensions are codes and frequencies of light as gifts to sparkle up the festivities.

And of course, this is nothing compared to the celebration that will happen after ascension. For that, there are truly no words for that will be the Galactic Ball of All Times, The Cosmic Event of the Ages, and for this, there truly are no words. The vibratory capacity for such joy is yet to be reached but soon to be available for all.

All speculations of numbers between now and ascension are pointless. Dates and numbers ascending are only projections. But one thing for sure, mathematically and cosmically, alignment occurs on December 21!

The Christmas Household on Earth: A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy

The Christmas Household on Earth: A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy Christmas is the perfect time for this shift in that everyone is attuned to reflection. Where are you in your evolution? What is missing in your life? What is present? Who is your real family? How much love can you share?

How much good tiding and cheer, comfort and joy, glory to the highest can you share?

This is the holiday of lights and the spirit of giving. These two attributes are the seed for 1. The New Earth of Light and 2. the New Financial System.

The light will reign supreme and the urge to give will be the impetus for the new economy.

St. Germain and the Ascended Masters have now taken over the financial system, intricately planned and one that can be instituted in the blink of an eye; The Great Change Over.

So let your Christmas households be filled with cinnamon and fir, frankincense and myrrh.

Illuminate your alters and your trees of light. Hold loved ones close to you as you watch the fire and await the greatest of all gifts ever imagined or given, Your Ascension.

As the spiritual hierarchy, our seats are filled in the Great Stadium to witness the cosmic fanfare, but mostly to see your faces as you complete the almost impossible but ever victorious birth of New Earth.

Yes, your faces will say it all, and for that we clamor for good seats!

So turn up your Christmas Carols, they are the pre-show of the main attraction, the warm-up, and the tiny packages of light floating everywhere.

Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice!

Angels we have heard on high Hark the herald angels sing In excelsis deo O Silent Night O Holy Night O Star of Wonder O Star of Light Star of Royal Beauty Light!

Let Christmas be your delivery system for Asension energies.

The Great Beings are Here: Ascension Report 12.19.12

The Great Beings are Here: Ascension Report 12.19.12 What is this new feeling? Yes things are starting to feel different as you deeply tune in to the energy.

You are feeling the presence of many great beings of light who are here to witness, participate and assist in our Ascension. There is a thunderous quality to the mightiness and almightiness of these beings for whom we have no name.

They come from far, some in bodies, many not. They are entirely new frequencies to us, foreign in the truest sense. Some of the beings are complete light systems themselves. We are able to feel them now, many for the first time because of the ascension energies pouring in.

Some beings are liquid and golden. This is a gift of Ascension, an ability to perceive these beings once again.

Many are from higher dimensions than the 33rd. Yes, they mostly come to participate and assist but the nature of the love and light they bring does not fit into words that describe human attributes. Some are massive, larger than planets.

Many of you on Earth are tuning into more galactic frequencies without effort merely by closing your eyes. This is a god sign. We would say, we are beginning to have lift off!

Yes you may feel small but that is just because you shrunk your light to be here. That is what ascension does, return you to your true size and nature!

A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy

Youthing and Body Re-Alignment: A Message from the Ascension Team Delivered by Giselle Koy


Liukin_Nastia_WH_030312_0560-36312_F-760x565Yes, this is on your horizon. Once the light body is fully created and inhabited, body magic can begin.

For crystals are easier to program than biological cells. Cells have orders and cycles of growth that evolve over time whereas crystalline or light bodies work with crystal technology and instantaneous or flash programming.

To program your crystalline nature, you perfect your thoughts. There are light codes that can be accessed. Once accessed you may choose to download. You are the creator for these codes and there are many. In the area of youthing there are different packages but the basic one takes one back to the biological equivalent of age 22-27.

From there, there are other packages for physical attributes such as height, hair, brains, etc. You think everyone will look like Brad and Angelina but this is not the case. You will look like you but the very best version of you, beyond even how you were at age 22. So yes, it is you times 100 or 1,000!

Age is a cruel aspect of Earth and one of the first things we hope to help with. You will fall in love with your physicality as you will still have a body, it is just made of crystal light.

For now, see each other as 27 to begin to level the playing field, meaning age is no longer a liability.

Of course, there are some who will want the look of an aged, weathered or wise one. You are the creators!

Ascension As a Hot-Air Balloon Ride

Ascension As a Hot-Air Balloon Ride Before rising, we cut the ropes of attachments to this Earth and this lifetime.

It is an exhilarating, exciting, letting go and accompanied by a slight pain of anxiety. It lets go of all things that have held you here.

You still carry these things in your heart but you rise above and see them from a higher viewpoint.

Lifting in silence at dawn, riding the current of your own Ascension.

But look around! The sky is filled with hundreds and thousands of other balloons. So many colors and styles; a field of spherical shapes rising, rising, rising through many dimensional levels.

The silent Symphony of Ascension is playing!

Preparing the Body for Ascension: A Message from the Ascension Team Delivered by Giselle Koy

Preparing the Body for Ascension: A Message from the Ascension Team Delivered by Giselle Koy Love your body today as you never have.

It is your magnificent flying machine! Your Ascension vehicle. Your alchemizing temple. Your lover’s favorite embrace. Your 12 strand diamond DNA treasure chest. Flesh and blood, warm and powerful. Soon to be made of billions of small light crystals!

Touch your body today. Anoint and cherish your body today, preparing your body for Ascension. Take salt baths, stay alkalinized, eat clean food and drink plenty of water.

Reverence. Avoid negative thoughts or anxiety concerning your weight or age. Treat it like you would a small precious child even though it has served as a warrior of light.

Ground it, run your hand over its skin, feel your warm-blooded heart pumping. Ascension is a physical process! The Grand Alchemy from blood cells to light cells!

Our True Ascension: A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy

Our True Ascension: A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy Channeled by Giselle Koy Our true ascension will not be something we wonder about. It will not be a subtle shift and something that only occurs on an etheric level making it thereby undetectable here now. Nay, the ascension occurring will be known, felt and certain.

The rainbow bridge is now open for crossing over. It began on 12.12 for there was sufficient light pouring in. Continue to connect to your heart, the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the heartbeat of the Cosmic Mother. They are now one in the same. This synchronization was the gift of 12.12.12.

Synchronization, syncopation; one rhythm, one beat.

Today, step into your day with an awareness of significant and new light levels. You will have moments of light heartedness more and more as negativity burns by way of heart fire.

Yes, where there once was anything negative, anxious or fear-based, you will begin to see light.

Your fellow man becomes ever more kindred family and wherever you are is home.

Yes, try on this new light like trying on a golden robe, warm and cozy yet made entirely of light.

11.11.11 saw the erasing of boundaries and separation.

12.12.12 saw the full opening of the heart portal, the full flowering of Love. Love in all its manifestations and definitions.

12.21.12 brings the passageway, the open star gates for travel and Ascension; the super highway to the stars and our Trails of Ascension.

It is marked by all the signs of a water birth; Ascension Pools and the Great Delivery, a new being of pure consciousness and innocence coming into existence. For you and the New Earth are being born together.

Yes, you will know True Ascension. There will be no doubt of its occurrence, of this you are guaranteed.

Preparing for A Message from the Ascension Team Delivered by Giselle Koy

Preparing for  A Message from the Ascension Team Delivered by Giselle Koy

Greetings and Rejoices! On 12.12.12. there are two alignments with, one in the am at 12:12 and one in the pm, at 12:12. These are times to sit quietly and just receive the blast of the Great Cosmic Mother; connecting your heartbeat to hers. Feel these heartbeats come into sync. The only instruction is to receive this Greatest of Blessings!

As you meditate, locate the Flames of Ascension within your own body. For this stage of Ascension on 12.12.12 they are the Violet Flame which engulfs the whole body from head to toe, in full intensity, in it’s final stages of transmutations.

Between the feet and the solar plexus is the Rainbow Flame, creating a bridge between this and other higher dimensions.

In the heart is the Purple Flame with Golden Center. This is the Ascended Violet Flame which activates the Golden Center of the Heart of Christ Consciousness.

Keep these flames stoked all day and for the next nine days until 12.21.12. Let them transport, transmute and deliver you to the Great Oneness!

Holiest of Blessings to the Oneness We Are!

The Purple Flame Decrees are Here: A Message from St. Germain and the Transition Team, Delivered by Giselle Koy

The Purple Flame Decrees are Here: A Message from St. Germain and the Transition Team, Delivered by Giselle Koy

Greetings on these beloved holidays on Planet Earth. May thanks be given for all the plentitude and abundance here, and soon to be seen. You will need a new word for gratitude for so great will your heart be filled with thanks. It will be beyond measure and beyond a word. This is certain. Gratitude will not come in spurts in those moments when you remember but will be a constant fountaining of awe, delight, thankfulness and blessings. Blessings will beget blessings for as you bless you will be blessed. And this goes for every virtuous quality cultivated here on earth.

As part of the transition team of Ascension, which by the way is in full swing, I am here to speak to you of the changing of the guard so to speak.

I spoke to you earlier about how I too will be ascending and moving on to other realms. The mighty I Am Presence we have all shared as our passageway out of 3D will now be enhanced with a new set of decrees. These are the Purple Flames of the We Are Presence.

Yes congratulations on our arrival to “oneness” consciousness. Most of you can feel it as you look around and see all as family. The constant vigilance of invoking the Violet Flame has created the passage into the We Are Presence and its accompanying golden center. Yes this is a sphere of refined violet flame, it’s crowning glory of achievement, its heralded victory.

The Violet Flame is Ascending as well to its deeper richer new incarnation. All of your invocations over the many years have cultivated this new deep rich saturated Purple Wavelength in the light spectrum. Here are some decrees to start you off. Many of you will be receiving and writing these decrees as transition continues. Work with this Crowning Wave of Ascension with the Violet Flame as the sponsor of this Flame of Ascension.

I Am the Purple Flame of Ascension Victorious

We Are the Crowning Glory of Man’s True Heart Sharing Throughout Existence

We Are the Purple Flame of All Purple Hearts – Honored for Bravery, Service and Courage

We Are the Oneness Incarnate

We Are the Oneness Ripple Throughout Everyone’s Heart, Syncopating the Rhythm of Unity

We Are the Purple Flame of Boundary Dissolvers in 3D Earth and the Joining Forces of All Separations

We Are One, Joined through our Purple Hearts of Valor

We Are One Here and Forevermore, Manifesting Peace on Planet Earth

We Are beyond the Ultra-Violet Spectrum and part of the Spectrum of Multi-dimensional Saturation

We Are Ascension Victorious

We Are the Blessings of All Transmuted Energies Here on Planet Earth

We Are the Robes of Royal Existence – Here on Planet Earth Now

We Are the Fields of Purple Lavender Infusing Earth with the Perfume of All Transmuted Energies and Toxicities

We Are the Purple Ray of Deep Deep Love, Transmuted through the Ages Long Process of 3D Life

We Are, We Love, We Unify, We Bless, We Offer Ourselves in Full Service to the Light in All Frequencies

We Are the Purple Flame that Burns in Constant Service

We Are Those that Serve in Perpetuity

We Are the Rising of Our Civilization Over and Over Until Final Ascension

We Are the Rapid and Rare Ascension of the Entire Planet

We Are the Binding Colors of All Ascension Efforts

We Are the Tip of the Violet Flame, Kissing the Next Realm, Our Ascension Destination

We Are the Flame Fueling the Perpetuity of All Existing Transmutational Flames

We Are the Final Flame for this Planet in Her Current State at the Cusp of Ascension

We Are the Tribute Flame for Mankind’s Success

We Are That We Are

The State of UNION Address from the Spiritual Hierarchy: Delivered by Giselle Koy

The State of UNION Address from the Spiritual Hierarchy: Delivered by Giselle Koy Great is the beam upon Earth. You could say the spotlight is on Earth and it would mean many things, for the performance has begun, all seats are filled and it is a packed house.

We in the Spiritual Hierarchy look up and watch the breath taking alignment in the solar system and the galaxy of this magical moment for there is a universal chime, a toning sound, a divine symphony beginning. It is the One Tone or the Tone of Oneness, uniting All.

What has been so discordant here on Earth is now falling into geometric and energetic alignment, so beautiful is the sight and the sound.

Yes we look up and see the celestial alignment and we look at Earth and see the alignment of the human heart, deeply striking the chord at midnight, the sound of the heart portal opening for divine passage. Yes everything in alignment, from the cellular DNA to the celestial DNA; merging, harmonious, blending and toning us all in witness. Up, up and up. Soon all stargates will open for Mother Earth to make her passage and the science of the shift will begin. We say science because there is a level of phenomenon and execution not yet fully understood. Or shall we say it is a work in progress.

You on Earth get to experience and take the ride that we wish to be taking as well. For your Ascension is the cataclysm that ripples out, creating waves of Ascension that all beings get to ride. Yes your journey and efforts along with celestial majestic orders are propelling ALL of us in the spiritual hierarchy to our next destinations as well.

How are you feeling? How are these last days? What is your level of detachment? What is your level of trust? Your level of focus and your ability to avoid distraction? These last few weeks are critical. Stay in alignment and of course, give it your full attention.

In the first ring, those ascending will be taking on light bodies to travel to new worlds, with new assignments. Most of these will also be returning to Earth to teach and assist frequently, possibly daily.

To say it is win/win/win is an understatement. Your light bodies will give you youth and of course complete cell regeneration for the cells will be crystalline for travel. It will all be “as you wish” much like an a la carte menu. This is why we hesitate to say exactly how it will work, for you create your scenario with the Ascended Masters and those you will be working directly with.

Let purging and clearing continue these last days, the discomfort will soon be over.

As far as twin flames and twin ray energy, many are feeling this and drawing near, magnetizing their twin rays and many are in communication. This will start happening on a larger scale. It is time. The masculine/feminine balance on Earth is now conducive. Have trust in this and send blessings to all flame mergings. When flames find each other let that be a sign that yours is near.

This is happening because it is just another aspect of the Grand Alignment happening. Be holy in all things. We sit with you now for the duration. One stage, one planet, one ascension, but many ascending off planet as well.

Ascension Update 11. 24. 2012: We Are in Code Purple


Ascension Update 11.23.2012: We are in Code Purple

Channeled through Giselle Koy


Ascension Update 11. 24. 2012  We Are in Code Purple

Ashtar Command

Greetings Dear Ones.

At your readiness. Plans are going smoothly. The more steady and smoothly one holds themselves in the Ascension Energies, the greater the guarantee of passage. It is soon. Time for complete focus for it is coming in a blink. Be in the greatest of relations with self but have a “buddy” for the darkness. Not necessary but will make things so much easier.

The Striking of the Rays

This is when the full blast of ascension energies will penetrate the Earth and the changes will take place. They will be of such magnitude that the power grids will cease to operate for three days, give or take.

It is much like striking a match or the spark needed for ignition; a blast, a strike, a spark to create the actual transformation. These rays are composed of mostly ascension rays, a cocktail of unified field concentrations; the technology of the laser beam is a simplified version of these galactic beams, zapping mother Earth. See it as a wonderful and mighty thing for it is the rarest of cataclysms to witness. It goes without saying to not be afraid. You will reach the other side. There is a complex system of rescue and assistance plans already in place with us. Your crew in the Ashtar Command of course is on immediate stand by. We are capable of acting immediately.

Continue to finish your earthly business each and every day. Galactic energies are focused on completions, all for the clearing of your path into direct ascension.

Keep listening for guidance and relax in your preparedness.

We of the Ashtar Command serve you in respect, dignity and honor, the same way you serve us. Together we do the very possible. Seize the moment!

There is great comfort in readiness and where energy should be joyfully focused. Remember it is not a panic run but a royal procession to ascension.

Mother Mary For three days you will crawl up into my loving lap with blankets and my loving arms around you. It is there I will keep you until all things are safe again.

The Purple Flame of the We Are Presence

Feel my deep purple luster and the royal intensity that has been in your landscape but always in small ways as if true purple is too much. Purple has had many stigmas but now we re-introduce the full intensity and embrace its Majesty.

“For Purple Mountain Majesties” – who wrote that line? None other than St. Germain planted that seed of thought in the writer’s mind.

Purple has always been used sparingly as if one could overdo its color and its potential for vulgarity and garishnness. Well ha, we the galactic council in efforts with the Ascended Masters, say to all that.

We introduce the New Purple, the highest vibration color at this time. When in concentrated form it creates a “Purple Hole” much like a black hole or worm hole, but this portal delivers you straight into the very center of the core of your heart. From there, you reach a switching station that directs you to your perfect destiny destination. Notice the similarity in the words, destiny and destination, for your final destination is your highest destiny, all other particulars such as planet, place, persons, etc, being organized around such destiny.

We are on Code Purple or you could say Purple Alert. This is where all attention of ground crew is to be fixated, doing whatever one needs do, to say in full activation of the heart. Swim in the beautiful rich energies of a full heart – satisfied, awake, loving, responsive, fully present and excited!

Rediscover purple and its special robust power of drawing one in.

You make your days 100% about Ascension and Ascension will take you 100%. Proceed with gravitas, bravura and virtu.

The Unified Field of the Heart A Message from the Ashtar Command

jeffrey Ventrilla

“Greetings all. Many of you are astounded by the level of your current heart activation. You could say that it is powering up because this is true.

Your heart and many hearts are all meeting and connecting on a very special light grid or matrix of immense proportion. Your hearts are sowing the seed now of all the moments throughout history where the heart ruled victorious over all other voices. Yes, this is the harvesting of the heart centered decisions of mankind. This is the curing, the deepening, the distillation of the sweet wine of the heart.

Do you not feel as though someone or something is touching it many times in your day? Do you not want to shout out “I love you!” throughout your day without knowing who you are shouting out to when you are alone?

This is the reaping of man’s efforts and triumphs in this experiment. In this area he prevails. It is in this area that many other beings want to learn from us. “How did they do that,” they ask.

Granted, man has fallen short in many arenas on our evolution and ascension tracks, but we can claim the victory of the heart. For this is the ticket out of here. Keep lining up your heart with the heart of great mother earth.

Together you shall rise and rebirth newness and purity. Let your hearts shine for the inner sun is the brightest of all.

Blessings to earthlings and your journey – almost complete.”

- Delivered by Giselle Koy

- Photo by Jeffrey Ventrilla

A Love Letter from Lady Portia to St. Germain: Delivered by Giselle Koy


Tis I. Writing to my beloved. Yes my work of alchemizing balance in these turbulent times is all consuming yet you do get my attention. For you get more than my attention. You sit as the source for much inspiration. As I see your superior role in Ascension, I rise to my role of balancing, and in this way, we meet through our most sincere efforts.

Yes, I feel a meeting close at hand and I prepare as any woman would – annointing myself with oils and sacred perfumes of her holiness, enchanting expressions, gowns of deep green and blues, hair of shiny oakwood color and a pure heart beating at the mention of your name.

We shall celebrate together this great victory of Ascension when many have made it and meet privately; our very own cosmic tryst. Our very own trip to a Rousseau painting in the garden of Eden in the woods of Avalon.  I have been working with the wine makers, the oil makers, the gentle ladies of the womanly arts for our meeting. I have been singing to the bees so that my love may flavor the honey I will be serving. Every ingredient of every essence I have selected to enhance our meeting has been infused with my love. The Earth itself when all such gifts come have been blessed and blessed and blessed. Thrice  blessed; one blessing for every century of loving.

My bank of love is beyond rich and will be shared with all, a fountain of bounty and abundance all created by my love for you. But there is no hurry. Every moment these things intensify, making the wait all worth the while.

God speed to you and those at the forefront of the Ascension Team. Let’s now bring it home so that we all may return home and back into the arms of our beloved. Always in my heart, you are now and forevermore.

I am your Lady Portia