The Effectiveness of the Platinum Ray

The Effectiveness of the Platinum Ray The Platinum Ray enters the Earth’s magnetosphere and passes through every grid surrounding Earth including all fear based grids. It reboots light grids; repairing and restoring tears, weak spots, holes and fissures.

With each grid it penetrates, it snaps to, reconfigures and reorganizes all energy patterns in association thereof. It passes though the Earth’s oceans which are grids themselves.

It seeks and finds its frequency match within the crystalline core of the Earth thereby making a pure connection from the Earth’s Core to the Galactic Core.

The pulsing happens at a mathematical rate based on a celestial ratio of the The Perfectual Harmonic.

We feel it as the quickening within our own fields. Events, circumstances, thoughts and actions begin to reconfigure to the these new codes. Those who are actively ascending understand this clearing energy yet others may experience it as chaos.

The Platinum Ray sears. Visualize this pure silvery light pulsing from the Galactic Core to the Earth’s Core, passing through all grids, including the grid of the human heart, synchronizing the One Beat of Ascension.

This Unique Window of Time - 2014

This Unique Window of Time - 2014

Remember to Walk as Royalty of the Light. In this Royal Procession of Ascension, we walk calmly and regally for the glory is pervasive throughout all life forms and planetary systems.

Grace has been the secret ingredient for so long, the catapult for each and every victory that brought us out of our sleep and into the full light of consciousness.

Yes, we are in the sites of the Holy Beam, locked on to our destinies and ready to take the steps into fully inhabiting our missions.

This year, 2014, holds the door open for all those ready to fully inhabit their planetary mission work. But look not for a grandiose role to step into but that which you already know and is truly unique to you. We are not all speaking on the platforms but we are all emissaries of the light, so let the light shine through your work. Let love and kindness be the way, helpful to humanity.

Ask that your gifts be opened like a present and shared with the world in their highest format.

The Earth is holding more and more light now as are many of us. This year you will see more clearly a delineation between the family of light and those whose awakenings are just beginning.

Destinies come in all shapes and sizes but they all serve to assist humanity, from the dog groomer to the doula to the spiritual teacher - all very unique. Ask God for help, be available and walk through this window of time, to your place and role in the upliftment and Ascension of our great Planet Earth.

Feel good about 2014!

A Message from my Higher Self, Giselle Koy

Passion Codes

Passion Codes

I AM the intoxicating ambrosia of all manifested fruits of creation!

I AM the burning truth, searing the hearts of mankind onto action!

I AM the purple passion flower of all deep resonating centers!

I AM the depth of your vision of purple, taken to its ultra violet frequency!

I AM the lightening bolt of divine inspiration, striking all chords of resonance!

I AM the Resounding Universal Idea!

I AM the Sparkle of Cosmic Consciousness!

I AM the same drive as the Creator!

I AM the divine manifestation of all conscious fruit!

I AM the stem of all creative streams!

The Reign of God ~ November Update

The Reign of God ~ November Update

The Reign of God is upon us, showering us, surrounding us, penetrating us in every way.

After the transformative November 3 eclipse, there is a clear pulse. One not littered with disharmonic frequencies but here for all individuals to know and feel their spiritual evolution, their place within divine order and their role in the Ascension Plan.

Sit in Your Holy Beam Daily.

Declare Your Presence On the Ascension Team.

Roll Up the Safety Net and Go For It! You are ready!

Eons of evolution are culminating in this moment. The transforming eclipse helped put some finishing touches on many especially in the area of ego attachments and disruptions. It was a shaking loose of all energies needing to be shaken of.

So now what?

A fresh start, the awe inspiring moment of a New Life. Even for those quite content with their 3D life and physical reality a change has taken place.

This light that has been reigning steadily and consistently on us will now begin to show up in our life in ways we can see. New and Easier Manifestations. New Locations, New Soul Initiatives. More Knowing of what you are here to do. More access to soul’s purpose and souls’ desire. This reigning light will serve as a map with clearer direction than ever before.

This is a spiritual sling shot opportunity. Let the Universe know your are ready!

A Message delivered through Giselle Koy November 2013

A Message from St. Germain

A Message from St. Germain Let us dazzle you as you have dazzled us. For the work we do which might amaze you is no less a wonderment than what you, the lightworking citizens of Planet Earth have done.

Yes, we are pulling out all the stops now—embodying, walking in, stepping in wherever we may be needed. The Light has won and we are “Creating the New.” As you may not see it immediately, be aware that there is a lag time. For the air is dense at “sea” level or shall we say it is dense for those who have yet to “see.”

Yes, there are many viewpoints to see your current state of affairs and unrest on the planet but as you well know, there is always a higher viewpoint and that is the one we see from, as well as many of you.

So let us dazzle and do a few things you cannot as you have done the things we could not. Victory of the Light has been achieved. Please be entertained by the unfolding of the Ascension Play on Planet Earth.

Your Man of Wonder,

St. Germain

~ Channeled by Giselle Koy

The Gift of the Lion's Gate: A Message from God

The Gift of the Lion's Gate: A Message from God

Yes, here in the Tuscan Valley it is easy to see my great work. For amidst the centuries of corruption and upheaval there have been splendid periods of grace and peace. Harmony has been struck and achieved artistically, despite the perversion of power. But see it as a victory for the light. For the light has won and will continue to win.

It is the light that all the renaissance painters worked with and the light that was the precious medium, the light that illuminated the sightings of celestial beings, angelic orders and the Christed Way seen in these masterful works.

And it is the light now, reaching you at the end of its 7 year journey to you, a gift from the heavens and from my representative, the Great Central Sun.

Light that was created to be delivered just now at this perfect time – light infused with the codes that have been missing for millennium, all part of this grand experiment.

Give yourself time to absorb these new codes, just allow. The wayshowers have been trained to use effort for so long. It is challenging for many of you to Let Go and let the light transform you. For the truth is, you have transformed into light – collectively speaking. Your light bodies are in and can be ascended.

Don’t expect to know how to operate and activate all your new skills at once but do relax in the knowing that my plan, God’s Plan is unfolding and God is the True Benevolence.

God assures with kindness, the deliverance of all suffering into the miraculous achievement and manifestation of all the heart desires.

So feel your hearts, let them do the driving for that is how and where you will witness your continued ascension in to the light. God is with you, every step of the way and wanting all that you want in the most powerful way.

It is time.

Let Go and Receive this Light!

The gift of the lion’s gate is a new energy available to us or rather surrounding us now. It is a cosmic golden glow, a field of Christ Consciousness shining us up. When you hear that this is the time to shine, do not feel the pressure of being in the spotlight with your “A” game but rather, feel your heart shine out from your being.

We are Entering the Golden Glow

What is the Gold of the Golden Age?

The Grand Alchemy or the Ascension of Planet Earth is the birth of the New Golden Age. The Gold is the energetic glow from the full illumination of the golden grid of Christ Consciousness, activated and well, glowing.

The gift is multi-dimensional and can be expressed in many ways as we experience it personally and collectively.

The Leo Moon is about shining – if you are not feeling “it” be patient for the true gift of the lion’s gate and all her feminine ferociousness is the golden virtue of Benevolence.

For the greatest news of all is that it is happening regardless of our efforts. A great gift indeed because the Universal Law Of Love states that what we want most is what is most wanted for us This fact alone can help to relax you – to lay down your sword, your worry and allow God’s Plan to unfold before your very eyes.

See yourself as already having made it. Yes, there is work to be done – but take this pause, this moment to just shine the light from your heart in every moment and however that appears in your day. We don’t have to prove anything or be on center-stage but only in our great sun-sized hearts.

Truly knowing this is the gift of True Benevolence and it has already been given!

Delivered by Giselle Koy

Ascension Report July 2013: Flying Without Instruments and the Great Breakthrough

Ascension Report July 2013: Flying Without Instruments and the Great Breakthrough We are deep in the middle of a huge astrological configuration as you can read all about on the web. Clearing and core work as a planet and an individual is what I am feeling.

I have actually “stopped” long enough to “feel” my way through this and it is heavy work. I have created the perfect conditions for me to get deeply in touch with my heart on an emotional level so that I can keep clearing all that needs to clear. Am I transmuting this for others and assisting Gaia with this work? Am I spending time in our new 5D Earth right now, helping to build the new golden age? Of this I cannot answer because I am feeling my way through this density and learning new levels of letting go. And I know the journey is through the heart.

This may come for some as questioning one’s destiny work or it may come as having the rug being pulled from beneath you. Or it may just be an observation of the intensity of the times. But this is a big one and a deep one.

The best description is flying without instruments and the holy s--- moment of “where is my perfect and infallible guidance?” The best relief is knowing the moment will come with the “Great Breakthrough”of light and brilliance just ahead, if we can just be patient in the void.

We are all in this movie theater together, on the edge of our seats, holding our breath, waiting for the break in the clouds and the searing ray of light to strike our faces. And then of course, the heart melting moment of knowing we have finally broken through.

One tender footed step at a time… Love to all

The Glory of Service ~ Ashtar Command

The Glory of Service ~ Ashtar Command Ashtar Command The Glory of Service

Glory. The cosmic splendor of victory. The victory that comes from the noble and humble work of servitude for God’s Great Plan. Watch it unfold before your very eyes – even though we know it is sometimes too much to ask for you to still believe in the coming of Ascension.

Let your posture and your life quest relax into this quest for there is none greater than to assist in the deliverance of humankind as you know it today.

There is freedom that comes from abandoning self will for the sake of the greater will. This is a huge step forward in evolution – to serve – contrary to the popular notion that freedom is the highest calling.

Service chosen out of freedom – exercising free will to the high purpose of service. Now that is the highest Glory of this Life. Congratulations to all who walk this path!

That of the Elite Forces of the Ashtar Command and its Supreme Service to Planet Earth at this time.

Glory Be to All.

A Message from Krishna on Falling In Love with God

A Message from Krishna on Falling In Love with God

I am one of the members of the celestial management team. I have epochs of popularity and for some I am a guiding and original force. For those that resonate with me are the passionate Sirians – the blue people and galactic romantics.

For I represent the romance with God. Christ is for salvation. Buddha is for equanimity and peace. Krishna is for falling in love with God.

My habitat is one of beauty with flowers from Venus and of course the Gopi Goddesses who represent beauty, the divine feminine as they flow rivers of devotion.

For many centuries, these rivers off devotion were the only thing to ride on to God – the energy was dense here but these waters were magnetized so that you could put your life raft on them and be carried by truth and faith. For many, what was once these great rivers of connection would now be considered merely drops because the energies now are far greater and a million times more potent.

But what does that say about mankind? It says that his spark of God within himself cannot be extinguished. For merely drops of divine flow were enough for him to devote his life to the calling.

I am the creator of bhakti – devotional energy. Think of this unawakened Earth and times of lower frequencies. Then think of growing a rose simply to give to god. Now THAT was a way of creating very high energy in an unevolved world. I infuse devotional practices such as meditation, mandala building and giving of the heart of God. Think of a beautiful woman who knows there is a higher love than can be offered to her by any man. That’s how hard she falls in love with such an energy.

All of the artwork of me and my Gopis was Sirian inspired – beautiful blue people in the grandeur of nature.

Ask me to amplify your devotion to all areas of attaining mastery. Let the music of my flute weave a spell that calls you straight home. It is time for your devotion to be returned to you in another land. For devotion is Krishna Consciousness.

Christ Consciousness is the golden ray that slices through. Christed is a word that describes the lightening energy of Christdom – the kingdom in your heart. There is an aspect of this Ascension that requires the lightening strike of Christed energy. It is the catalyzing force to be coordinated through telepathy and through the joining of man’s enflamed heart and awakened hearts. Look for me to quicken events and strike through.

Buddha Consciousness – Solid, rooted, sitting at the base of thee tree – all-knowing, seeing beyond the veil. The energy of stillness. For while all this is happening I am the one that knows that nothing is happening within but the vastness of peace and equanimity.

This is your celestial management team, bringing enlightenment, love and peace. Together we three have spiritual power and popularity and have aided in sustaining the existence of this planet. Our energy activated by you on Earth was enough to keep the dark from taking over.

Our DNA is such that we are all three unlimited in our ability to reproduce ourselves infinitely. Each off you truly has your very own Christ, Buddha and Krishna at your service. See us as your mighty team and see our roots deeply entrenched n the atomic structure of your DNA as well.

Channeled by Giselle Koy

Mary Magdalene - Twin Flame Significance

Mary Magdalene - Twin Flame Significance Many who so desire a twin flame are actually desiring a conscious sexual partner for the physical act of transcendence. That is a good thing to ask for - it can fast-track someone on their spiritual journey. But the twin flame is work!

Yes, physical union in some cases – but the work of completion of all karmic ties – quite a handful. And quite a blazing fire in some cases!

It is good to sometimes ask for your highest God-sanctioned sexual partner for the fountaining of one’s crown. So much confusion about sex on Planet Earth – I know, my sexuality was very misunderstood. For you see, I knew the power of sexual union as taught by Egyptian and tantric masters.

It is an alchemy to be learned and experienced. But as you know, something so powerful as this began to be “controlled” and the control came though “morality.”

The church could not come into your bedchamber and control activity but they could come into your conscience which was their way of entering your bedchamber for the sake of controlling and preventing high sexual union. So they forced their way into your thoughts with the weapons of guilt and sin.

Let us now clean the planet of all remaining sexual fear grids surrounding union – and clear the path for many to experience this beautiful path to transcendence – and connection—through the body, mind and spirit.

Through the chakratic system and through the blessing of the lover’s union.

Sacred indeed.

Mary Magdalene via Giselle Koy

The Great Unscramble and The New Configuration

9m08 2012

The Great Unscramble and the New Configuration

Ascension Update June 2013

9m08 2012 It is with chaotic energy upon Earth now that energy is able to shake itself free. All will feel it to some degree as our realities shift before our very eyes.

You may feel it as chaos or confusion in your life or as unexpected events that can throw you off balance.

A new template is now overlaid and yet the discordant energy is not yet quelled.

This will change mid-summer, where blue skies will prevail and we will look upon the lands with a calmer eye—one in which we can see clear to our tasks of creation and watch them flow with the ease of a sailboat floating across a perfect sea.

Along with energies scrambling before their unscrambling are the mathematical codes and other light codes that are being gifted to Planet Earth.

These are coming through in unexpected ways – through words strung together, through music—through any way that the Celestial and Holy Hierarchy can aid us in our Ascension Process.

Codes are designed to have impact upon contact, meaning you may not be aware you are receiving these electronic adjustments but you are benefitting nonetheless. Fear not for codes being manipulated by forces other than the light for that is one of the great purposes of light code—to unscramble all that is not of the light and to dissolve all manipulative coding that has been going on for far too long.

Yes, look for more clarity and an easier time of creation for the “air ways” will be much clearer soon.

But of course do your part in this conscious co-creation of our newly minted world by keeping your vibrations high.

Work with decrees, for they carry the codes – and they declare a reorganization of the energy.  Learn to create by decree as you have purified by the holy “ I Am” Decrees of the Violet Flame.

- A Message from the Celestial Hierarchy via Giselle Koy

Ashtar Command Transmission

Calling All into their Divine Missions for it is time to take the stand in One’s Own Destiny. Look not to anyone but reach into the depth of one’s own field. But do work side by side for there is strength in a unified effort.

Yes work from Unity but embrace the multi conscious flowering of your being. To experience your human experience with joy and purpose—together.

Yes the Ashtar Command is rising or shall we say coming into clear view.

~ Channeled by Giselle Koy

Where to Find the Twin Flame Union - A Message from Jesus Channeled by Giselle Koy

Where to Find the Twin Flame Union - A Message from Jesus It is I, Himself, representing the Divine Masculine.

A word to the Divine Feminine: As you ask Him to show up in your life, so shall He show up.

It shall not be the job of the Divine Feminine to birth this Man—it is not her job.

Women, hold space for men to make their transition but do not feel the need to nurture them like children. Notice how they “show up” in life.” That is what is being called for. For how they show up tells you everything.

As beggars, as children, as wounded men, as patriarchal, abusive, disrespectful—OR as strong, solid, inner directed/connected, empowering, supportive, creative men. Men who have direction. These are the men we call for and these are the men we will see showing up for just as the divine feminine is embodying so too is the divine masculine.

Yes, these higher beings are stepping in – Be Patient and Hold Vigil. This is the high ground where many twin flames will find each other. Yes, higher selves, higher beings, embodying.

Face to face, eye to eye and melted in an embrace—in balance, joy and forward motion into a higher form of love in which divine destiny work can be done.

The Twin Flame Union. Let’s light the candles now that the flames may join. The time has come.

As you see others finding each other, rejoice in their good fortune. For that is a blessing to you. Yes, we are all raising each other and preparing each other for embodiment and for the great works to be done—with the support and love of The One Who Reflects or The Divine Mirror of the Twin Flame Union.

Keep the flame lit and hold vigil for the joining to its mirror flame.

Ready for combustion!

How does he show up?

Broken, in need of healing, wanting to be inspired, nurtured, taken care of, jaded, etc. or joyful, ready, present, smiling, uplifting, empowering?

The Twin Flame Union brightens. There is no “saving,” only enhancing.

A Message from Jesus via Giselle Koy

Painting by Autumn Skye Morrison

Spring Update: The Great Receiving

Spring Update: The Great Receiving   A Message from the Divine Feminine and Venus  A Message from the Divine Feminine and Venus

Venus, the Goddess of Love with a message here for all virgins near the springs during this spring. I say Virgin meaning a certain purity and potency for Seeding creation—Housing creation—Receiving creation. Yes, this happens through the Door of Love and the Goddess as the energetic field of receptivity.

Receptivity in motion. Receptivity for the conceiving. To Receive in the Way of the Goddess. This spring there is a high calling for high conceiving—in new and great beings of light coming and new and great ideas and teachings of the light as well as new and great light systems.

Birth Mothers and Light Mothers prepare to receive for it is the time of the Great Conception and the Bringing of the Great Concepts—All Through Great Receiving.

Renew thyselves for the New Golden Age of Creation.

Receive the man, not as the patriarchal authority figure nor the Peter Pan promiscuous plaything—but the man who possesses the strength, the warmth and the caring love of support as mirrored consciousness.

Receive THIS man. Ask for THIS one and HE shall come.

Fertility is at hand for all new ideas waiting to be born. Plan for the highest and most conscious of births whether ideas or beings. And thus it shall be so.

Pan shall be in his place this spring, not center stage wreaking havoc and ravaging but a natural force of super charging the Devic kingdom and spicing up springtime frolics. Just as once he was a natural creature in the spring eco-system, so shall he serve now. Balance of the Pan energy is restored.

As we become more balanced, the Virgin and The Pan become more harmonious. She is not ravaged but ravished. He is not savage but lusty as the instinct of nature and the smells of the animals in heat—all in natural order. Balance returns to the Natural Kingdoms, the Kingdom of the body and the Kingdom of the Earth.

- Blessings from the Divine Feminine, both Mother and Mid-Wife assisting in All Sacred Unions and Venus, on the Half-shell, Rising on The Waters of Life.

Photo by Kristian Schuller

Oh the Freedom....

Oh the Freedom....

Do you know the freedom that comes from committing your life to the embodiment of mastery on Planet Earth?

It is the greatest of freedoms because it frees you from the bondage of anything still vibrating in lower frequency. It gives you the kindness, the grace and the loving force to navigate here, leaving a trail of golden light – the path for others to follow and find their way. What greater legacy?

With the torch of light you are holding in front of you and a trail of light behind you – you have arrived in the beacon of God’s Holy Light and the light of the inner sun inside you. You have arrived in your Moment of Mastery, the gift of the Platinum Ray.

~ The Platinum Ray via Giselle Koy

The Christed Ray: Today and Everyday, In Everyman

The Christed Ray: Today and Everyday, In Everyman The Story of Easter and The Christed Ray: What the Sweeping Winds Truly Bring

Just as rumor, suspicion and upheaval spread throughout Rome in March in the Year of One, so too have the energies been stirred up in March in the Year of 2013.

For what is the nature of a sweep but to clear all settled particles of dirt, debris, skin, and waste; the discarded of humanity? Yes, that has been the intensity of the energies this March.

In Roman times, rumor of Christ as a threat of power to the Church and state was such that conspiracies and plans were made amongst all ruling factions. What to do with such a threat to power? What to do with such an uprising of all that was once settled?

Even among Christ’s own circle, the unrest began, leading up to the last supper, a moment suspended in time when Christ’s disciples heard the news he had been betrayed. The reaction is in all the faces in the painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Most telling of all being the face of Christ himself; calm, knowing, shining in his Ascended Mastery and knowing the script that would change everything forever—the reason for his walk on Earth fulfilled.

Yes such was the sweep of energy of the Ides of March, the setting of the stage, Act II, preparing the world for the greatest and final Act, The Physical Death and Resurrection of Christ into the Christed. Thus bringing to Earth the Christed energy, The Christed Ray, The Ray available to all inhabitants on Earth. The Ray and the Way for Man’s Ascension.

Yes, Christ and the Resurrection, the Easter Story, the greatest of change to sweep through. Still sweeping and still radiating the Glorius Christed Ray into all men and turning All Hearts into Golden Christed Rays.

~ Channeled by Giselle Koy

Calling the High Council of Radiance


Calling the High Council of Radiance We, the Sisters of the High and Holy Court of Radiance do bear the light of the New Golden Age and usher in the energies pervading this domain.

We, the Sisters of this Light possess the qualities needed at this moment in time to escort, proclaim and herald the presence of the New Rays, the Rays of Ascension and the Radiant Fields of Light Frequencies now available here on Planet Earth.

We are laying the beautiful lace mantilla of finery and filigree on the Head of Mother Earth, Gaia in Her Crowning Moment, Gaia Crowned as her Royal and Ascended Self.

We, the Sisters of this Light carry the divine feminine codes and yet appear as the mothers, leaders, business women, daughters, sisters, creators, healers and professionals of this day and age. Savvy in technology, touched to the core by our higher selves and motivated by the self-less service of Mother Mary, do hereby commit ourselves to this destiny work for the Ascension of All.

We are not the obvious choices of such radical lightworking yet We Are The Divine Feminine right under all our noses. Yes, it is a new band of Torchbearers, Light Weavers and Ray Wielders.

The New Planetary Lightworkers stepping forward, working in very different but specific areas, bringing in ancient knowledge, light code and Divine Radiance in All Her Glory.

Heralding the New Golden Age, the Sisters of High and Holy Radiance.

We Are Here. Now.

The roles of wayshowers, warrioresses, priestesses, tantrics, witches, healers, shamanesses, artists, creators are all ascending as well—each one stepping into its own higher destiny role and not limited for The Divine Feminine is what is permeating the planet.

Oh yes, there is a role for the Divine Masculine but not for us to define.

Lady Masters, Light Systems, Divine Rays and Planetary Lightworkers: This Circle /Council is forming now and Calling to Order, working on a Master Grid of Unified and Universal Light Systems. We are the multi-dimensional feminine aspects. Connect with this Council through the light rays of the Divine Rays and the Platinum Ray.

~ Channeled by Giselle Koy

The Platinum Ray Report - March 2013 - Giselle Koy

The Platinum Ray Report - March 2013 - Giselle Koy

Yes, it has been a jostling movement of energy, much like the washing cycle--jostling free energy so that it may be congruently reorganized. The nature of the Platinum Ray is that of striking energy but this jostling too is a form of gentle quaking.

At the moment the Platinum Ray is like a pervading silvery sunset on the planet, blanketing and cocooning, infusing and permeating with purification.

The appearance of the Platinum Ray is always for the final and quickening stages of ascension which we are in now. The closest animal kingdom to this ray is the dolphin energy as they are great conduits for the Platinum Ray.

The oceans are the current beds for the Platinum Ray as the oceans are the cooling ponds of radiation and the purification power plants of the energies most out of alignment with ascension energies.

For the Platinum Ray brings in the master harmonic of the great striking chord or Sonic Boom of Ascension.

So the most discordant energies are brought in first—working towards All Harmonics in Accord for the Quickening and Final Stages.

Hail the Platinum Ray and its Silver Light of Perfection In Plan and In Place Here on Planet Earth Now.

~ A Message from Metatron as Channeled through Giselle Koy

The Winds of Change and The Reconfiguration - March Update 2013 from the Spiritual Hierarchy

The Winds of Change and The Reconfiguration - March Update 2013 from the Spiritual Hierarchy The Madness and Gladness of March

For just as the winds of change come through and stir up all the dust, so do they clear. In the dust itself are the particles freed up from where they have settled over the years. Free to move on.

The blessing is the movement of what was once stuck or settled. For when the dust has settled for many years, and it is stirred, there is a cloud. This cloud of confusion obstructs our vision just like being in the middle of a dust storm. But when this storm settles as it is doing now, there will be clear vision and a revealing of what was once covered or hidden by stagnant energy and particles. Hallelujah.

There will be light shed in the dark corners of our psyches, taking us all a little closer to the pure vessels we strive to be.

Much like the wizard creating a puff of smoke to conceal the act of magic, so too have the winds of change come to conceal The Reconfiguration.

The tornado in the Wizard of Oz reconfigured the landscape of all Dorothy had known. What appeared as ruin was her new beginning, complete with a new pair of shoes to take her there in style.

So let the dust settle my friends, look around at who is near, who is new and what is leaving. The storm is over for now and our new world is here. See your world as your new Oz and be a child in wonder.

Clinging to old ideas and situations no longer works. But also, know the change can be gentle and precious and innocent.

Welcome to your new landscape of a fresh adventure.

Many predict new love connections as the perfect conditions have been created by the winds of change. Make the choice to see love and let love in. When it comes knocking, open the door. It may not be who you were expecting but then again, it never is!

A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy

A Message from Bob Marley: Channeled by Giselle Koy


These songs of freedom.You say they coming back. Well I tell you they never left. They are alive and ringing in the ears of all who are able to hear. They are alive in the children who have never heard them but know them anyway. Rastafarian – an extreme religion but a pure one based on Elementals. You see, man can now get in touch with these el

emental forces, the ones that rule and sway over the hearts and minds of the people. The forces that color and paint the world what it is.The nature kingdom in an embrace, wrapped around the soul like a hammock on a sunny day. The men they have their time together - that is the way. The family weaves together. All the flavors into one beat. The call of the good vibrations coming together, spreading out and carrying the word. This music moves like waves and these beats are still travelling through the cosmos. They will ride forever into forever, washing over all obstacles but never being blocked. No way.

The song of the Rastafarian is for all beings and is universal, set to Earth’s Elemental heartbeat, first created in the waves of the ocean. These vibrations carry the healing sounds of far away lands and have been medicine for those missing their homelands in other parts of the cosmos. Yes the Rastafarian musicians are medicine doctors of the star nations, bringing the mother waves from all the other planets and star systems. And you thought it was just good music to smoke to!

There is always more than meets the eye, especially in Rastafarian culture. Just look at my beautiful wife and you will know I must carry some powerful magic beyond what you can see to attract her! She is still my goddess and I still protect her, you can see my love reflected in her eternal beauty.

Rasta is the way my friends, my family, my brothers and sisters. One beat, one wave, one heart, one love, the wave that goes forever. Amen.

JFK's Inaugural Message for 2013: Channeled by Giselle Koy

JFK's Inaugural Message for 2013: Channeled by Giselle Koy Now is the hour of this Nation. The hour of decision making. Not by the people, that time has come and gone. But by the Almighty Powers that gave birth to this nation long ago and sent forth great emissaries of light to see to its Declaration.

Yes it is with noble beginnings that this country began and it is through noble efforts that this country shall begin anew. For a dream to become a nightmare, fear must be instilled. And instilled it has been. Until now, for in this hour the veil of secrecy and the hour of deceit are being lifted. Yes, this final hour in America’s history and earth’s legacy; the ripening of all the finest notions of the human spirit and its righteous governing bodies.

America. Land of the free soon to be, for once and for all. Let this hour be the call that reaches where it counts; in your hearts and because of your hearts. The return to governments that serve the people; truly, completely, willingly, justly and under the fine appointment of the powers above, the true government of All.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen. I return you to your new President of the United States.