I Love Wet T-Shirt Events


jwj-acl-fest-56862Last week-end, I went to the three day music festival in Austin, Texas, known as ACL. Something like 150 bands and eight stages. The second day it poured rain all day and was basically a wet T-shirt contest with a loud musical score. The third day the entire venue was a giant mud pit. I went from the soaring high of being back-stage during Jack White's sloungy rock set with Dead Weather to the lowest of lows being spit out into the crowd and the 8" deep mud pit. It was crazy fun. Around 50,000 fans were there, mud-dogging it, some naked, Woodstock style. That's 50,000 people slopping around in the mud for one thing: THE MUSIC. I love that and I feel good about life on this planet as long as this is happening.