The Winds of Change and The Reconfiguration - March Update 2013 from the Spiritual Hierarchy

The Winds of Change and The Reconfiguration - March Update 2013 from the Spiritual Hierarchy The Madness and Gladness of March

For just as the winds of change come through and stir up all the dust, so do they clear. In the dust itself are the particles freed up from where they have settled over the years. Free to move on.

The blessing is the movement of what was once stuck or settled. For when the dust has settled for many years, and it is stirred, there is a cloud. This cloud of confusion obstructs our vision just like being in the middle of a dust storm. But when this storm settles as it is doing now, there will be clear vision and a revealing of what was once covered or hidden by stagnant energy and particles. Hallelujah.

There will be light shed in the dark corners of our psyches, taking us all a little closer to the pure vessels we strive to be.

Much like the wizard creating a puff of smoke to conceal the act of magic, so too have the winds of change come to conceal The Reconfiguration.

The tornado in the Wizard of Oz reconfigured the landscape of all Dorothy had known. What appeared as ruin was her new beginning, complete with a new pair of shoes to take her there in style.

So let the dust settle my friends, look around at who is near, who is new and what is leaving. The storm is over for now and our new world is here. See your world as your new Oz and be a child in wonder.

Clinging to old ideas and situations no longer works. But also, know the change can be gentle and precious and innocent.

Welcome to your new landscape of a fresh adventure.

Many predict new love connections as the perfect conditions have been created by the winds of change. Make the choice to see love and let love in. When it comes knocking, open the door. It may not be who you were expecting but then again, it never is!

A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy