Mary Magdalene - Twin Flame Significance

Mary Magdalene - Twin Flame Significance Many who so desire a twin flame are actually desiring a conscious sexual partner for the physical act of transcendence. That is a good thing to ask for - it can fast-track someone on their spiritual journey. But the twin flame is work!

Yes, physical union in some cases – but the work of completion of all karmic ties – quite a handful. And quite a blazing fire in some cases!

It is good to sometimes ask for your highest God-sanctioned sexual partner for the fountaining of one’s crown. So much confusion about sex on Planet Earth – I know, my sexuality was very misunderstood. For you see, I knew the power of sexual union as taught by Egyptian and tantric masters.

It is an alchemy to be learned and experienced. But as you know, something so powerful as this began to be “controlled” and the control came though “morality.”

The church could not come into your bedchamber and control activity but they could come into your conscience which was their way of entering your bedchamber for the sake of controlling and preventing high sexual union. So they forced their way into your thoughts with the weapons of guilt and sin.

Let us now clean the planet of all remaining sexual fear grids surrounding union – and clear the path for many to experience this beautiful path to transcendence – and connection—through the body, mind and spirit.

Through the chakratic system and through the blessing of the lover’s union.

Sacred indeed.

Mary Magdalene via Giselle Koy

Where to Find the Twin Flame Union - A Message from Jesus Channeled by Giselle Koy

Where to Find the Twin Flame Union - A Message from Jesus It is I, Himself, representing the Divine Masculine.

A word to the Divine Feminine: As you ask Him to show up in your life, so shall He show up.

It shall not be the job of the Divine Feminine to birth this Man—it is not her job.

Women, hold space for men to make their transition but do not feel the need to nurture them like children. Notice how they “show up” in life.” That is what is being called for. For how they show up tells you everything.

As beggars, as children, as wounded men, as patriarchal, abusive, disrespectful—OR as strong, solid, inner directed/connected, empowering, supportive, creative men. Men who have direction. These are the men we call for and these are the men we will see showing up for just as the divine feminine is embodying so too is the divine masculine.

Yes, these higher beings are stepping in – Be Patient and Hold Vigil. This is the high ground where many twin flames will find each other. Yes, higher selves, higher beings, embodying.

Face to face, eye to eye and melted in an embrace—in balance, joy and forward motion into a higher form of love in which divine destiny work can be done.

The Twin Flame Union. Let’s light the candles now that the flames may join. The time has come.

As you see others finding each other, rejoice in their good fortune. For that is a blessing to you. Yes, we are all raising each other and preparing each other for embodiment and for the great works to be done—with the support and love of The One Who Reflects or The Divine Mirror of the Twin Flame Union.

Keep the flame lit and hold vigil for the joining to its mirror flame.

Ready for combustion!

How does he show up?

Broken, in need of healing, wanting to be inspired, nurtured, taken care of, jaded, etc. or joyful, ready, present, smiling, uplifting, empowering?

The Twin Flame Union brightens. There is no “saving,” only enhancing.

A Message from Jesus via Giselle Koy

Painting by Autumn Skye Morrison