The Treasures of the Vatican: A Message from Serapis Bey, The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Holy Hierarchy --Channeled by Giselle Koy

Vatican city 33

Vatican city 33 Serapis Bey

Wonder child of the Egyptian Mystics – Yes it was a pleasure to meet as you could finally see me. I am somewhat of a “prodigy” master or actually such is the power of choosing how we look upon ascension. I am ancient yet I choose dewy youth – it is disarming. I am a keeper of secrets and artifacts in that I have access to such things and their magical powers, much like you. You have seen the Arc of the Covenant and know what is inside.

You are also familiar with the constantly changing form of the Holy Grail. It is one if not THE most ephemeral objects on Earth, constantly morphing into difficult frequencies, emitting codes of light and representing all that is holy--the holiness that mankind can hold between two hands. Such is the nature of sacred treasures of Egypt. And the holiness that contains all.

The Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury

Under Vatican protection and keeper of many artifacts and holy items through the ages, this Office was the clearing house for many procured and “Vatican” claimed reassures.

It was the job of the Archbishop of Canterbury to “procure” or rather confiscate (take by force) these things as a favor to the Pope of course. The holder of such objects would be made to feel special, with special audience, etc, given favor by the Pope with pardons and absolutions.

Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the Vatican Mafia so to speak, despicable injustices!

The Treasures of the Vatican will soon be exposed and made open to the public. It will be shocking; the hoarding and confiscation of holy objects, artifacts, art, great papers, documents, scrolls, jewels and monies. We say shocking!

At some point the Vatican will be turned to an open museum, but first it needs clearing and cleansing and a total re-ordering.

Ages of abuse and clandestine operations benefitting only a few; the illuminati at its pinnacle. Hollywood will have a hey day or should with this expose, and has only been able to leak a little with the Davinci Code. Much more to expose.

Halls, catacombs, vaults, chambers, libraries, tombs, chests, sarcopfagi, scrolls, manuscripts, the list goes on and on.

Many of thee artifacts became dormant, a self-preservation program wired into the artifacts in case they fell into the wrong hands, Ahem. And Amen for the light that will be shed and will illuminate these wonders once again. 1614.