The New Shore of Galilee: A Message from the Ascension Team Delivered by Giselle Koy

The New Shore of Galilee: A Message from the Ascension Team  Delivered by Giselle Koy The New Shore of Galilee

Distant shores are calling. Tides are beckoning. The water is glistening. And the sunsets are stunning. Turquoises, golds, pinks; sunsets that ignite like aurora borealis every night.

These shores are the warm welcoming waters of your New World. Just as the New Horizons are seen, so are the new dazzling shores of landing.

Many of you will land here, birthed into the warm bath of the receiving pools. Fresh, new-born, innocent, clear, rapturous and clean. Newly born into your New World.

These are the Ascension Baths, designed for the holiest of all births and rebirths. Welcome to the warm waters of the womb of New Mother Earth, for she has been born anew as well!

The Real Deal/The Truth of the Blue Planet: A Message from the Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy

The Real Deal/The Truth of the Blue PlanetHow do we explain to you the significance of Earth? It is beyond the common knowledge that Gaia is beautiful.For the truth is – Earth experience is like a combination of Green Berets, Ironman Athletes, Rockstars and Superstars. It is the Elite School of Rapid Acceleration, one that few attempt, because there were no guarantees this would ever work. It is the highest stake poker game in a millennium. Here’s what you said:

“As Creator Gods, lets throw ourselves into a reality so challenging and so difficult we may suffer for the entire time for millions of years. Then let’s see if we can ever find a way to remember even an inkling of who we are. Then let’s choose a place where the dark side almost almost wins. In fact, they rule for most of the millions of years. Let’s experience all the lowest forms of suffering, without actually dying, but then let’s repeatedly die anyway. Let’s see if the light in our DNA can rise to the surface and be enough light to lead us out of this dark chamber. Let’s take all of our magic skills, spiritual tools and gifts and make them very hard to access. Let’s make love something that exists but is not the norm.

Then let’s put a blanket of sleep on the planet so heavy that only a kiss from Prince Sun himself can awaken her. Then let’s try and wake up the planet ALL AT ONCE, en masse. So from the worst of miseries (with some good moments) into Bam - Rapid Ascension of the whole planet, a process that should take many many more years.

Oh, and let’s keep everyone’s identity a secret until they ascend! Oh great fun, let’s do it!

So the attraction to pirates, rebels, warriors, super-heroes, is obvious! It is your costume shop for now but only until you see your real identities. Maybe you can see the level of badass at play here. Yes, you do have very special DNA and a planet with many star gates as well, just to make it all the more exciting! Have fun kiddos and we’ll see you on the other side. There will be a reverse masquerade ball. You will come and reveal the REAL you, far better and more stellar than any masquerade.