The Platinum Ray Report - March 2013 - Giselle Koy

The Platinum Ray Report - March 2013 - Giselle Koy

Yes, it has been a jostling movement of energy, much like the washing cycle--jostling free energy so that it may be congruently reorganized. The nature of the Platinum Ray is that of striking energy but this jostling too is a form of gentle quaking.

At the moment the Platinum Ray is like a pervading silvery sunset on the planet, blanketing and cocooning, infusing and permeating with purification.

The appearance of the Platinum Ray is always for the final and quickening stages of ascension which we are in now. The closest animal kingdom to this ray is the dolphin energy as they are great conduits for the Platinum Ray.

The oceans are the current beds for the Platinum Ray as the oceans are the cooling ponds of radiation and the purification power plants of the energies most out of alignment with ascension energies.

For the Platinum Ray brings in the master harmonic of the great striking chord or Sonic Boom of Ascension.

So the most discordant energies are brought in first—working towards All Harmonics in Accord for the Quickening and Final Stages.

Hail the Platinum Ray and its Silver Light of Perfection In Plan and In Place Here on Planet Earth Now.

~ A Message from Metatron as Channeled through Giselle Koy