The Winds of Change and The Reconfiguration - March Update 2013 from the Spiritual Hierarchy

The Winds of Change and The Reconfiguration - March Update 2013 from the Spiritual Hierarchy The Madness and Gladness of March

For just as the winds of change come through and stir up all the dust, so do they clear. In the dust itself are the particles freed up from where they have settled over the years. Free to move on.

The blessing is the movement of what was once stuck or settled. For when the dust has settled for many years, and it is stirred, there is a cloud. This cloud of confusion obstructs our vision just like being in the middle of a dust storm. But when this storm settles as it is doing now, there will be clear vision and a revealing of what was once covered or hidden by stagnant energy and particles. Hallelujah.

There will be light shed in the dark corners of our psyches, taking us all a little closer to the pure vessels we strive to be.

Much like the wizard creating a puff of smoke to conceal the act of magic, so too have the winds of change come to conceal The Reconfiguration.

The tornado in the Wizard of Oz reconfigured the landscape of all Dorothy had known. What appeared as ruin was her new beginning, complete with a new pair of shoes to take her there in style.

So let the dust settle my friends, look around at who is near, who is new and what is leaving. The storm is over for now and our new world is here. See your world as your new Oz and be a child in wonder.

Clinging to old ideas and situations no longer works. But also, know the change can be gentle and precious and innocent.

Welcome to your new landscape of a fresh adventure.

Many predict new love connections as the perfect conditions have been created by the winds of change. Make the choice to see love and let love in. When it comes knocking, open the door. It may not be who you were expecting but then again, it never is!

A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy

'Tis the Season of the Heart

'Tis the Season of the Heart

We in the Spiritual Hierarchy send all of our love and blessings that each of you will experience the magic of love.

Be on the watch for the small and the grand. As a team, we want to help you feel delight and surprise and most importantly the heart flutters and the heart poundings of love.

Love rattles the heart in so many ways. It pulls the heart strings, it makes it beat fast, it opens the heart chakra and it magnetizes. Take out one letter from the word heart and you have heat. Yes, the substance emitted from flames.

This will be a busy heart season! Look for surprises!

And remember it is a blessing to see the good fortune of others in love!

~ Delivered by Giselle Koy

The Art of Friendship

The Art of Friendship

Let in the art of friendship for art it is. It is not obligation or therapy session or riddled with any rules – except for the artistry of being a comrade in arms, a partner in non-crime, a delightful reflection of self, a privilege of presence, a frolic in a park on an autumn day, a cohort in hysterical laughter and a finely sculpted shoulder to rest one’s weary head. Time together is always a gift, presented and received as such.

A wide swath of honor surrounds friendship, cloaked in righteous pride. You can say to the world, I am proud to call this being a friend, even if ones’ encounters are brief.

Renew your idea of friendship and return it to its beginning moment of handing an animal cracker to somebody you liked for no reason. Light hearted and fun-spirited is the way with no other requirements.

Plain and simple now with all the rules gone and the ultimate proof visible – the genuine smile that is shared between two fellow travellers here on Planet Earth.

Blessings to all friends and friendships for the warmth they bring—so welcomed and appreciated beyond words and without words. Beloved are the ones you may call - a friend.

A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy

Our True Ascension: A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy

Our True Ascension: A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy Channeled by Giselle Koy Our true ascension will not be something we wonder about. It will not be a subtle shift and something that only occurs on an etheric level making it thereby undetectable here now. Nay, the ascension occurring will be known, felt and certain.

The rainbow bridge is now open for crossing over. It began on 12.12 for there was sufficient light pouring in. Continue to connect to your heart, the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the heartbeat of the Cosmic Mother. They are now one in the same. This synchronization was the gift of 12.12.12.

Synchronization, syncopation; one rhythm, one beat.

Today, step into your day with an awareness of significant and new light levels. You will have moments of light heartedness more and more as negativity burns by way of heart fire.

Yes, where there once was anything negative, anxious or fear-based, you will begin to see light.

Your fellow man becomes ever more kindred family and wherever you are is home.

Yes, try on this new light like trying on a golden robe, warm and cozy yet made entirely of light.

11.11.11 saw the erasing of boundaries and separation.

12.12.12 saw the full opening of the heart portal, the full flowering of Love. Love in all its manifestations and definitions.

12.21.12 brings the passageway, the open star gates for travel and Ascension; the super highway to the stars and our Trails of Ascension.

It is marked by all the signs of a water birth; Ascension Pools and the Great Delivery, a new being of pure consciousness and innocence coming into existence. For you and the New Earth are being born together.

Yes, you will know True Ascension. There will be no doubt of its occurrence, of this you are guaranteed.

The Real Deal/The Truth of the Blue Planet: A Message from the Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy

The Real Deal/The Truth of the Blue PlanetHow do we explain to you the significance of Earth? It is beyond the common knowledge that Gaia is beautiful.For the truth is – Earth experience is like a combination of Green Berets, Ironman Athletes, Rockstars and Superstars. It is the Elite School of Rapid Acceleration, one that few attempt, because there were no guarantees this would ever work. It is the highest stake poker game in a millennium. Here’s what you said:

“As Creator Gods, lets throw ourselves into a reality so challenging and so difficult we may suffer for the entire time for millions of years. Then let’s see if we can ever find a way to remember even an inkling of who we are. Then let’s choose a place where the dark side almost almost wins. In fact, they rule for most of the millions of years. Let’s experience all the lowest forms of suffering, without actually dying, but then let’s repeatedly die anyway. Let’s see if the light in our DNA can rise to the surface and be enough light to lead us out of this dark chamber. Let’s take all of our magic skills, spiritual tools and gifts and make them very hard to access. Let’s make love something that exists but is not the norm.

Then let’s put a blanket of sleep on the planet so heavy that only a kiss from Prince Sun himself can awaken her. Then let’s try and wake up the planet ALL AT ONCE, en masse. So from the worst of miseries (with some good moments) into Bam - Rapid Ascension of the whole planet, a process that should take many many more years.

Oh, and let’s keep everyone’s identity a secret until they ascend! Oh great fun, let’s do it!

So the attraction to pirates, rebels, warriors, super-heroes, is obvious! It is your costume shop for now but only until you see your real identities. Maybe you can see the level of badass at play here. Yes, you do have very special DNA and a planet with many star gates as well, just to make it all the more exciting! Have fun kiddos and we’ll see you on the other side. There will be a reverse masquerade ball. You will come and reveal the REAL you, far better and more stellar than any masquerade.

The State of UNION Address from the Spiritual Hierarchy: Delivered by Giselle Koy

The State of UNION Address from the Spiritual Hierarchy: Delivered by Giselle Koy Great is the beam upon Earth. You could say the spotlight is on Earth and it would mean many things, for the performance has begun, all seats are filled and it is a packed house.

We in the Spiritual Hierarchy look up and watch the breath taking alignment in the solar system and the galaxy of this magical moment for there is a universal chime, a toning sound, a divine symphony beginning. It is the One Tone or the Tone of Oneness, uniting All.

What has been so discordant here on Earth is now falling into geometric and energetic alignment, so beautiful is the sight and the sound.

Yes we look up and see the celestial alignment and we look at Earth and see the alignment of the human heart, deeply striking the chord at midnight, the sound of the heart portal opening for divine passage. Yes everything in alignment, from the cellular DNA to the celestial DNA; merging, harmonious, blending and toning us all in witness. Up, up and up. Soon all stargates will open for Mother Earth to make her passage and the science of the shift will begin. We say science because there is a level of phenomenon and execution not yet fully understood. Or shall we say it is a work in progress.

You on Earth get to experience and take the ride that we wish to be taking as well. For your Ascension is the cataclysm that ripples out, creating waves of Ascension that all beings get to ride. Yes your journey and efforts along with celestial majestic orders are propelling ALL of us in the spiritual hierarchy to our next destinations as well.

How are you feeling? How are these last days? What is your level of detachment? What is your level of trust? Your level of focus and your ability to avoid distraction? These last few weeks are critical. Stay in alignment and of course, give it your full attention.

In the first ring, those ascending will be taking on light bodies to travel to new worlds, with new assignments. Most of these will also be returning to Earth to teach and assist frequently, possibly daily.

To say it is win/win/win is an understatement. Your light bodies will give you youth and of course complete cell regeneration for the cells will be crystalline for travel. It will all be “as you wish” much like an a la carte menu. This is why we hesitate to say exactly how it will work, for you create your scenario with the Ascended Masters and those you will be working directly with.

Let purging and clearing continue these last days, the discomfort will soon be over.

As far as twin flames and twin ray energy, many are feeling this and drawing near, magnetizing their twin rays and many are in communication. This will start happening on a larger scale. It is time. The masculine/feminine balance on Earth is now conducive. Have trust in this and send blessings to all flame mergings. When flames find each other let that be a sign that yours is near.

This is happening because it is just another aspect of the Grand Alignment happening. Be holy in all things. We sit with you now for the duration. One stage, one planet, one ascension, but many ascending off planet as well.