The Ancients - A Letter of Introduction from Star Systems, Channeled by Giselle Koy




In a way, we exist much like potential timelines. Here and ephemeral, constantly glimmering in and out of your frame of existence--but here nonetheless, for we are The Ancients. That might be the first name for us in a list of many.


For we are giants. But do not try and put a measurement on us for you cannot. We do not bother to maintain the shape of beings, for we are Star Systems— Like a blaze of the borealis— But infinite in size. But specific nonetheless. Of the Borealix Clan BRAXTUSIONS

Creator Gods swim in our vibratory waters for refreshment and light infusions. We are the flow, cause and effect of light. Its creation, its beam, its landing site. We hold sway over energetic influence in the cosmos. We are “play” to its highest destiny because at some level—existence is purely for the joy of itself.

And joy is always available to any dimension—we make sure of that.

We stream, we infuse, we blast, we sky write and we sky right.

We look forward to introducing ourselves and welcome the high level ambassadors doing the honors of introductions here on Planet Earth Now. We have much to tell you and show you and code to you!!

Blessings for being in our midst and our ancient mist.

We are the Beloved of Ancients The As Yet Named The Brothers of Boreli The Knights and Overlords of Empirical Data Streaming The Grand Guardians of Unlimited Potential Sacrosanct in Service To the Precious Earthlings

Let us help bring you home on the flight sponsored by the Awareness of Us. Time for a new word for Holy—time fore many new words. As many new “frequencies” are arriving on the planet for various Ascension protocols and tasks. Stay tuned,

The Ancients

Transmission Channeled by Giselle Koy, May 2013

A Message from Metatron on Matrix Magic Channeled by Giselle Koy

A Message from Metatron on Matrix Magic Delivered by Giselle Koy The Science of the Expanding Thought The Matrix of Expansion How a Thought Changes the World

I Am the Eternal Ray— This is a matrix that extends beyond the beginning and beyond the end. The Alpha and the Omega. I am an Aspect of God—God’s Angelic aspect but also the aspect that works with the creation of light domains.

Light systems are light fields—or you could see them as matrixes. It is actually a very exact science with specific principles. The Unified Field is the Operating System for your current state of evolution on Planet Earth.

It exists to Unify. It teaches that all particles are unified within the entire cosmic system. One organism so to speak. The state of such unification brings cohesion to the particles in man’s brain and gives him celestial proprioperception. It is here, in knowing one’s place and value within the larger system that one can begin to connect the dots, so to speak. For actually knowing this, this thought alone changes the atomic structure of a man’s brain which in turn affects all of his human operating systems such as hormones, nerves, skeletal, digestive, etc.

As without, so within.

Expansion in all things is the cosmic growth factor—it is the trajectory of growth and the outcome of growth as well.

As part of our 5D awakening, all other systems beyond the human body are moving into expansion as well. Yes the financial and government systems as well as the medical and educational systems. For each system itself is a form of a matrix that will be rebooted and recharged.

So this is how the power of thought changes the world. And this is how it happens on an atomic level.