The Great Beings are Here: Ascension Report 12.19.12

The Great Beings are Here: Ascension Report 12.19.12 What is this new feeling? Yes things are starting to feel different as you deeply tune in to the energy.

You are feeling the presence of many great beings of light who are here to witness, participate and assist in our Ascension. There is a thunderous quality to the mightiness and almightiness of these beings for whom we have no name.

They come from far, some in bodies, many not. They are entirely new frequencies to us, foreign in the truest sense. Some of the beings are complete light systems themselves. We are able to feel them now, many for the first time because of the ascension energies pouring in.

Some beings are liquid and golden. This is a gift of Ascension, an ability to perceive these beings once again.

Many are from higher dimensions than the 33rd. Yes, they mostly come to participate and assist but the nature of the love and light they bring does not fit into words that describe human attributes. Some are massive, larger than planets.

Many of you on Earth are tuning into more galactic frequencies without effort merely by closing your eyes. This is a god sign. We would say, we are beginning to have lift off!

Yes you may feel small but that is just because you shrunk your light to be here. That is what ascension does, return you to your true size and nature!

A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy