The Celestial Stadium / A Live Report from the Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy

The Celestial Stadium / A Live Report from the Hierarchy Delivered from Giselle Koy Filing in are all great beings of light. Such an assembly has not been seen for millennia or if ever!

All great beings are taking a seat and greeting each other in a grand reunion, one that has been planned for an eternity; the Final Crowning Glory of the Ascension of Planet Earth.

Just 3 days away, there is excitement beyond measure for the conclusion of the great experiment of Earth!

How can one imagine it will unfold? There are so many aspects that have been carefully planned. The bringing together of all this will be unprecedented.

Reporting live, from the high heavens and the spiritual hierarchy, et al: The Great Shift of the Ages.

The Super Bowl? The Olympics? The Oscars? We have no comparison here on Earth. We have no comparison in the heavens!

It is a breath-taking spectacle as all beings with their twin rays, flames and counterparts arrive together and greet each other with rapturous delight to see each other!

This is too much!

Beaming in from all higher dimensions are codes and frequencies of light as gifts to sparkle up the festivities.

And of course, this is nothing compared to the celebration that will happen after ascension. For that, there are truly no words for that will be the Galactic Ball of All Times, The Cosmic Event of the Ages, and for this, there truly are no words. The vibratory capacity for such joy is yet to be reached but soon to be available for all.

All speculations of numbers between now and ascension are pointless. Dates and numbers ascending are only projections. But one thing for sure, mathematically and cosmically, alignment occurs on December 21!