February Report 2013: Relaxation, Discipline, Plasma!

February Report 2013: Relaxation, Discipline, Plasma!

A Message from the Celestial Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy:

Whether you are consciously aware or not, seeds were planted on 12.21.2012 and have been germinating. And whether you are aware of your new roles or not, they are beginning to show up and have shown up for many. Continue to root and ground through your day-to-day life. Take comfort in a schedule, the familiar and your disciplines so that the bases are covered and you are free to soar.

Many are feeling tired now. This is a brief rest before more energy at the end of this month. Notice that there are new contentment levels and smaller things make you happy. If there is confusion about your Earth walk, take a pause and give spring a chance to spring! We are in “Rebuild” as a species. But be in no hurry.

For to understand the shift in consciousness is to understand the nature of plasma.

Plasma is a state of matter that carries electric currents. It must be available to create magnetic fields—fields that are super dense and can carry much more charge than an electromagnetic field. Plasma is the “physical” aspect of dimensions or “dimensions” in physical substance.

This is what is flooding the Earth now and this is what continues to open the door into our multi-dimensionality. Plasma can carry light code so that you can experience dimensional states up to the 12th dimension here now as well as the 13th dimension which is a state “beyond” the physical universe.

This is the science of fields or the science of rays—for rays are actually fields of vibrational frequencies.

You are getting downloaded with the capacity to hold massive amounts of light which correspond to higher dimensions.

Let your consciousness shift now to that of a royal passenger. For you are being taken to your dimensional homes—or at least the journey has begun. You don’t have to try so hard, but allow. And by allowing you settle in to your daily routines. Feeling grounded, less attached and compassionate for the human journey. Emotional clearings will continue to bubble up as you let them keep rising until they burst and then dissipate. Let the magnificent and divine order wash over you and flood you with greater and greater light levels. Find relaxation in the truth that YOU don’t have to do it all and make it happen. It is like receiving your human earned pension.

Simple, daily grounding with discipline. For discipline creates freedom—the freedom from self-absorption and distractions. And this freedom creates the space to expand. This is part of the light body activation.

Or another analogy is like going to the movies. You put your smaller self away for a few hours and let the movie “take you.” This type of relaxation combined with discipline in all things relating to your daily life creates great results right now. The relaxation allows in more light and the discipline allows in more mastery. A fantastic combination!

This is also the part of the movie where a higher power literally comes in and takes over with grace, illumination and all encompassing love. As you yourself have been saying for years, “love and light.” For love and light literally are re-establishing the plan for Planet Earth.

As we shift from the I Am Presence to the We Are Presence, there is a relaxation of the “self.” It’s like stepping out of the pressure of the driver’s seat to the luxurious back seat. You are free to look around, observe and just take it all in.

We experience these new light levels alongside you-

Your Loving Brethren in the Celestial Hierarchy