See Mastery with New Eyes

See Mastery with New Eyes

Living with New Levels of Light The New Expression of Mastery


Once we begin to manifest easily in the 3D, all that we desire and once it becomes easy, there are adjustments to be made.

New levels of joy, prosperity and abundance must be metabolized and synthesized. Once one finds oneself gifted with the greatest of a heart’s desire, how does one embrace that joy? How does one go beyond the feeling of “too good to be true?”

Well it is up to the light to do this. There is a gap, or a synthesis period. For as your vehicles hold more and more light –the expression of this light needs new Avenues.

What does that look like? We are now beyond “Making the Dream Happen” and into “What is My Dream?”

Yes, those who have gone before us have certainly lit the way. Yet now we find ourselves at the threshold of that new domain.

All new dreams are now steeped in and around “Mastery.” All that you desire now is rooted in Mastery: Mastering this 3D, 5D and on to the 7D reality. For what cannot be had with Mastery?

Abundance, Health, Destiny, Peace, Harmony, Right Relationship, etc. Yes, the Kingdome of Heaven and more.

Let they work be the work of a Master and Mastery Shall be Yours.

It is in every second. It is not rigid. Mastery flows through you, like a great river. Undefined, fluid, yet powerful. Sometimes it is a drop on a pond and sometimes a raging river—but it is a flow.

See Mastery with new eyes. See it when it happens in others.

See Mastery as righteous—as in the right use of energy. See beyond all that you see with your eyes.

See yourself as a Walking Master.

A Message from the Light via Giselle Koy

Oh the Freedom....

Oh the Freedom....

Do you know the freedom that comes from committing your life to the embodiment of mastery on Planet Earth?

It is the greatest of freedoms because it frees you from the bondage of anything still vibrating in lower frequency. It gives you the kindness, the grace and the loving force to navigate here, leaving a trail of golden light – the path for others to follow and find their way. What greater legacy?

With the torch of light you are holding in front of you and a trail of light behind you – you have arrived in the beacon of God’s Holy Light and the light of the inner sun inside you. You have arrived in your Moment of Mastery, the gift of the Platinum Ray.

~ The Platinum Ray via Giselle Koy

Excalibur! A Message from El Morya as King Arthur: Delivered by Giselle Koy

Excalibur! A Message from El Morya as King Arthur: Delivered by Giselle Koy Let he who wields this sword be heard! For it is I who pulled it from its slumber in the rock. But not by strength. It was by the perfect intersection of my innocence, my pure heart and the existence of the Nature Kingdom of Camelot.

Yes it was a moment in time when magic made itself a force I could hold in my hand.

Excalibur is the ideal resolution to any situation made manifest. It is virtuosity in deed and steel – another intersection of God and Man, here on Earth.

Justice, righteousness, impeccability, all qualities forged by man’s true nature—Unsheathed.

Kiss the Sword called Excalibur, an etheric object much like the Holy Grail. They are both ephermeral and many things to many people at many different times—a shape shifting artifact.

Let Excalibur continue to float and spin, throwing off shards of divine light, reflected by the sun and landing in the twinkle of a masterful and noble man’s eye.

Let everyman carry the word as is his birthright and his perfect intersection of pure heart and virtuous deed.

The Reign of Excalibur

Ascended Master Decrees for Clear Guidance: From St. Germain, Delivered by Giselle Koy

Ascended Master Decrees for Clear Guidance: From St. Germain, Delivered by Giselle Koy DECREES FOR DISSOLVING SEPARATION

I AM the Violet Flame Dissolving any and all separation between myself and the Ascended Masters.

I AM the torch that lights the darkness of not seeing my guides clearly

I AM the Violet Flame Sonic Boom that clears the path of hearing correctly 100% of the time.

I AM the Violet Invitation delivered to All Ascended Masters for their Presence in my life.

I AM the Violet Flame burning the curtains between dimensions.

I AM the Flame of Veil Dissolution here and forevermore.

I AM the Violet Striker of the Match of the Clearing Flame that burns away all to reveal the faces of the Masters, the sound of their voices and the mastery of their healing touch.

I AM Direct Guidance from On High.

DECREES ASKING FOR GUIDANCE.  All day and everyday!

I AM asking you, Ascended Masters for moment to moment guidance and embodiment that I may live my highest destiny on all of my days.

I AM asking you, Ascended Masters for clear and direct guidance that I may be the living example of God’s will.

I AM asking for the sublimation of My Will and the Illumination of Thy will.

I AM asking for the Peace that envelopes my walk as I walk the path of the Masters in Clarity and Purity.

I AM asking for the higher perspective, afforded by your viewpoint each and every day.

I AM in communion with the Ascended Masters by simple asking for their strongest and boldest presence in every moment.

I AM the Grace of the Ascended Masters in All My Actions.

I AM the loving kindness of the Ascended Masters in All Moments on Earth Now, radiating the end of all separating thoughts.

I AM the Union of Ascending Man and Ascended Man, exhibited in all moments until full ascension is declared!