Modern Muse: How to Create the Life You Have Always Wanted

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For centuries, muses have provided guidance and inspiration for Kings, Queens, noblemen, philosophers and artisans who have shaped our cultures and humanity as a whole. The Modern Muse captures the essence of what it means to be a creative force not only for yourself but for all of those who are in your life. This practical yet profound writing provides insights, exercises and tools for your personal awakening and empowerment. Giselle Koy, a professional muse, works with CEO's, rockstars and anyone who wants to shine their brightest. She sees the unpolished diamond in others and helps ignite their spark of brilliance within. She shares her insights into opening this quality of being so that all may source their own muse in a playful, fun and heartfelt fashion. She also blazes a trail for all of us who want to play more, live an inspired life and awaken the muse within.

In this book you will find: The story of the mythological muses, the love children of Zeus. How the Muse has re-awakened in modern times. Muse Technology- the tools for modern musing. The language of muses that reflects this sparkling new energy now available to us. A case history with a client and how a session with a muse works.
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