Preparing for A Message from the Ascension Team Delivered by Giselle Koy

Preparing for  A Message from the Ascension Team Delivered by Giselle Koy

Greetings and Rejoices! On 12.12.12. there are two alignments with, one in the am at 12:12 and one in the pm, at 12:12. These are times to sit quietly and just receive the blast of the Great Cosmic Mother; connecting your heartbeat to hers. Feel these heartbeats come into sync. The only instruction is to receive this Greatest of Blessings!

As you meditate, locate the Flames of Ascension within your own body. For this stage of Ascension on 12.12.12 they are the Violet Flame which engulfs the whole body from head to toe, in full intensity, in it’s final stages of transmutations.

Between the feet and the solar plexus is the Rainbow Flame, creating a bridge between this and other higher dimensions.

In the heart is the Purple Flame with Golden Center. This is the Ascended Violet Flame which activates the Golden Center of the Heart of Christ Consciousness.

Keep these flames stoked all day and for the next nine days until 12.21.12. Let them transport, transmute and deliver you to the Great Oneness!

Holiest of Blessings to the Oneness We Are!

Time for an Adventure


Guide-To-A-Masai-Mara-Safari-Adventure-in-KenyaOh wow, I almost forgot. I was actually thinking that something outside myself would make me feel whole, content, happy. Maybe a boyfriend would do it, or a trip to another continent for a while. How do we find the discernment of knowing when we are escaping and knowing when we are just choosing a thought or an action that makes us feel better? How do we know that feeling amazing is actually what we should be reaching for at all times? How do we get to that pure and true divine guidance so that we are clear on what is the highest choice?

Sometimes the holidays can shrink me to my lowest common denominator. I seem to land in the densest version of myself, kind of believing what I hear, think and see instead of what I know, feel and align with. I start living in the world instead of creating the world moment to moment.

Well, whether I get on a plane and leave or not, it is still time for an adventure, both inner and outer.