Chronicles of a Sol Adventuress 2 - The Sacred Nomad


113497300.x3JbVM6M.IMG_9949PollenExplosionJuly 20, 2014 Chronicles of a Sol Adventuress No. 2

I have hesitated to post, thinking that I will wait until I have it all together. You know, announce that I have found the perfect city for me to live and the perfect unfoldment of my destiny. And maybe announce that I have found a new soul mate along the way (have I?).

But guess what? It’s not quite like that! I am deep in the Sacred Nomad part of the journey; the months long process of finding how and where to set up new Soulquarters.

Living out of my Jeep, stopping to stay in various places, longing to set up my Magical Kitchen and Creation Laboratroy and at the same time going through some process that is changing me in every way. I find myself a little more dreamy, strangely neutral and picking up lots of territorial information like my radar is turned on volume 11.

So where am I on my journey to find my new life? Good question! I am in the eye of the hurricance or the stillpoint, getting comfortable with the unknown, just like everyone else. Every spiritual truth that has ever been shared with me comes up here but then they all feel so cliché now. I am nowhere, I am just IN IT.

So until my next post, I send love from my heart to yours, and feel more and more into the Cosmic Heart….