New Giselle Koy Radio Episodes on Blogtalk

New Giselle Koy Radio Episodes on Blogtalk We are Creating. Our new world, our new technology, our new political, financial and environmental systems. Our new interpersonal relationships. Everything is new. The energy from the photonic belt is here and constantly coming in more and more everyday. So now what? Well, how great is our imagination? Some say there is no such thing as imagination, we are just seeing what already exists. Please join Giselle Koy and Jim Channon as they discuss the jump from homo sapiens to homo sentiens. And the four stages of freedom according to Jim. They will also discuss the very big idea of "Building Paradise Around You." About Jim Channon: Author of seven books and major, future mythologies like the First Earth Battalion, The New Earth Army, think tank BRIGHTFORCE, Captain Planet, and The Proto-world design center. His new mythologies embrace the inner earth civilizations and the origins of prime creators operating on Arcturus. He is rapt that Jeff Bridges saw fit to play him in the movie “Men Who Stare at Goats”. He saw fit to be a strategic shaman for the U.S. Army and ten fortune 100 companies. He can influence millions with his omni-presence on the world-wide web, his choice for the next planetary governing system. He can call a thousand people close friends. He is waiting for our planet to fully accept its unity consciouness so he can offer his services to the galactic Federation of Stars as a representative of Earth (Oceania star system Sol) with special skills in Social Architecture and human intimacy. He is a biologian and believes universe and consciousness play an awakening game together and divine creation and play are the ultimate drivers of LIFEFORCE. About Giselle Koy: Author of three books, radio show host and Divine Muse, Giselle is a Creative Life Designer in Austin, Texas. She uses the gene for musing to help people create a higher vision for their life. She works with the celestial hierarchy and the Ascended Masters to connect you to your Original Passion Blueprint as well as helping you find new spiritual connections to God.