Mastery of Love: A Message from Sanat Kumara


Mastery of Love: A Message from Sanat KumaraThe Root of all things is love. Get to the root always and as quick as you can. In every endeavor, find the flow of love first and send it out, like a river flowing to all life forms. Flow Love to all on Planet Earth. You are there and can send love light very powerfully as an inhabitant of this dimension. Yes find the still point so that you can feel your way to the grand generosity of the human heart flowing love to all sentient beings.

See it as a luminous system of aqueducts, flowing perfectly. Celebrate the arrival of oneself into one’s larger self – the one beyond the grasper, the one who no longer is seeking, into the One that flows love to all.

Celebrate this Arrival into Mastery of Love.

Channeled by Giselle Koy