The Art of Friendship

The Art of Friendship

Let in the art of friendship for art it is. It is not obligation or therapy session or riddled with any rules – except for the artistry of being a comrade in arms, a partner in non-crime, a delightful reflection of self, a privilege of presence, a frolic in a park on an autumn day, a cohort in hysterical laughter and a finely sculpted shoulder to rest one’s weary head. Time together is always a gift, presented and received as such.

A wide swath of honor surrounds friendship, cloaked in righteous pride. You can say to the world, I am proud to call this being a friend, even if ones’ encounters are brief.

Renew your idea of friendship and return it to its beginning moment of handing an animal cracker to somebody you liked for no reason. Light hearted and fun-spirited is the way with no other requirements.

Plain and simple now with all the rules gone and the ultimate proof visible – the genuine smile that is shared between two fellow travellers here on Planet Earth.

Blessings to all friends and friendships for the warmth they bring—so welcomed and appreciated beyond words and without words. Beloved are the ones you may call - a friend.

A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy Delivered by Giselle Koy