The Unified Field of the Heart A Message from the Ashtar Command

jeffrey Ventrilla

“Greetings all. Many of you are astounded by the level of your current heart activation. You could say that it is powering up because this is true.

Your heart and many hearts are all meeting and connecting on a very special light grid or matrix of immense proportion. Your hearts are sowing the seed now of all the moments throughout history where the heart ruled victorious over all other voices. Yes, this is the harvesting of the heart centered decisions of mankind. This is the curing, the deepening, the distillation of the sweet wine of the heart.

Do you not feel as though someone or something is touching it many times in your day? Do you not want to shout out “I love you!” throughout your day without knowing who you are shouting out to when you are alone?

This is the reaping of man’s efforts and triumphs in this experiment. In this area he prevails. It is in this area that many other beings want to learn from us. “How did they do that,” they ask.

Granted, man has fallen short in many arenas on our evolution and ascension tracks, but we can claim the victory of the heart. For this is the ticket out of here. Keep lining up your heart with the heart of great mother earth.

Together you shall rise and rebirth newness and purity. Let your hearts shine for the inner sun is the brightest of all.

Blessings to earthlings and your journey – almost complete.”

- Delivered by Giselle Koy

- Photo by Jeffrey Ventrilla