A Love Letter from Lady Portia to St. Germain: Delivered by Giselle Koy


Tis I. Writing to my beloved. Yes my work of alchemizing balance in these turbulent times is all consuming yet you do get my attention. For you get more than my attention. You sit as the source for much inspiration. As I see your superior role in Ascension, I rise to my role of balancing, and in this way, we meet through our most sincere efforts.

Yes, I feel a meeting close at hand and I prepare as any woman would – annointing myself with oils and sacred perfumes of her holiness, enchanting expressions, gowns of deep green and blues, hair of shiny oakwood color and a pure heart beating at the mention of your name.

We shall celebrate together this great victory of Ascension when many have made it and meet privately; our very own cosmic tryst. Our very own trip to a Rousseau painting in the garden of Eden in the woods of Avalon.  I have been working with the wine makers, the oil makers, the gentle ladies of the womanly arts for our meeting. I have been singing to the bees so that my love may flavor the honey I will be serving. Every ingredient of every essence I have selected to enhance our meeting has been infused with my love. The Earth itself when all such gifts come have been blessed and blessed and blessed. Thrice  blessed; one blessing for every century of loving.

My bank of love is beyond rich and will be shared with all, a fountain of bounty and abundance all created by my love for you. But there is no hurry. Every moment these things intensify, making the wait all worth the while.

God speed to you and those at the forefront of the Ascension Team. Let’s now bring it home so that we all may return home and back into the arms of our beloved. Always in my heart, you are now and forevermore.

I am your Lady Portia