Notes for November from the Heirarchy Establishing Residency in the Heart: Channeled by Giselle Koy


October brought the Grand Clearing, the Great Silence and the Deep Listening. November is a ride. And the time for establishing Residency in Your Heart.

It is the activation of the full Being of your Heart. Just as you have all perceptions in your human experience, so will you soon turn on all in your heart space.

The Eyes of the Heart will be the ability to see truth, love, compassion and alignment in all things and all life forms.

The Ears of the Heart will be undetectable to the human ear. They will hear a melody and know where there is harmony or discord.

The Celestial Messaging System or Telepathy will establish its headquarters here. This is ET point of first contact and the filter for all outgoing and incoming messages. It speaks and translates all light languages and operates by feel. You will feel all communication incoming and outgoing. This Telepathic filtration system has built-in protections as well as blessings and light code gifting.

Your new telepathic guidance system operates as follows:

You will hear answers as you ask questions.

You will be shown visual answers as you ask guidance.

By relaxing and pausing, you will learn to read the guidance. Letting it come to you and reveal itself versus any reaching or grasping. Your being remains vertical in your heart residency. There is no need to lean, reach or grasp for anything. It is now the art of receiving and pausing to drink in information knowing that it will always be shown.

The new answers and guidance system does not always work with the English language. The information and light codes are absorbed in other ways. This way the Tower of Your Being remains tall and vertical. You are your own communication tower.

Yes, an individual who lives in their heart creates a world that lives in its heart. In this way, our hearts conjoin with the heart of Mother Earth, creating yet another vertical structure; the Path of Ascension.

Yes, let the mind and data control center drop into the heart. The Buddhists have referred to it as heart mind. Now we are being gifted with next level intelligence to reside in our hearts.

Yes, establish residency in your heart for instant, easy, graceful, moment to moment guidance, enjoyment, connection and fulfillment.

November is a ride so get comfy in the new home of your heart. The old mind will have difficulty keeping up!

No longer do we have to get our heads around all things happening, we can just now get our hearts around all events and surround them with healing energy, not trying to understand from a 3D, rational or analytic point of view.

As you feel, you assist.

As your compassion is stirred, it is delivered.

As you become the companion of your own heart, self-comforting chemicals are released through the heart.