Navigating October: The Grand Clearing, The Great Silence, The Deep Listening A Word from the Masters: Channeled by Giselle Koy



Yes, it is I, none other than the almighty friend to the family. Yes, I am orchestrating things in your lives; aligning, redirecting and sourcing. Putting energy lines where they best serve and infusing the heart power to make the shifts. I have been known to work as a cosmic chiropractor and help restore the flow by re-aligning all that life pushes out of balance. This is constant work for life on Earth is an on-going series of maladjustments and corrections, obstacles and overcomings.

So much so, that many of you lightworkers are now struggling with smooth energy lines. You are used to the dramatic shifts and when calm seas arrive, there is a misinterpretation. For the calm seas appear to be flat to you but they are not, they are just calm. However, adrenalin and emotional highs and lows as well as contractions and expansions have been the norm, so much so that one must now learn the way of equanimity. Balance as a joyful state; no drama as a desired state. Literally, the state in which nothing is happening is good and the new way.

For in this void of nothingness, all new creation can spring forth. Yes, allow yourselves to feel the boredom of nothing happening or the appearance of nothing happening. But this is what is known as a GRAND CLEARING and a pivotal part in your Ascension. Yes, let all the activity, the constant spinning of events and cycles, just stop and come crashing down. Then see what arises.

It will be more of you and the one you’ve been waiting for along with a new pristine field of infinite possibilities in which to play and create. Welcome the void and learn to sit in nothingness. For Nothingness is Blessedness.

Love and light to all the Masters in the Making, Jesus Christ


Tune in to the cosmic hum. It is getting louder my friends or shall I say it is no longer falling on deaf ears. More and more of you are slowing down enough to tune in to the great harmonizer of all things.

Yes it has been here forever, it is just now that the critical mass has tuned in enough to unleash the sound in all the ears of those sitting still and being quiet. Now is the time to sit as still as possible and let the cosmic hum tune you and tune you into the upcoming crescendo of the great song of Ascension. Yes on one level the ONLY thing to do is be still and listen.

For many, that is difficult, and so for those, it is a new discipline. For it is here in the acute listening that one receives all guidance, all atunement and the new bubblings of consciousness. Dive into this great abyss and find everything. In nothing.

Peace and cosmic hum to all, Elohim


Yes it is time for the greatest of silences on Earth. Imagine the eons of activity - see it in a flash – everything that has happened on earth since life forms appeared on this planet. Constant, never-ending noise, activity, struggle, civilization building and rebuilding after each collapse and on and on and on.

Now, through divine grace and the celestial timing of Ascension is the time where much of the constant noise and motion can come to a standstill. For now is the time for all to stop and LOOK UP.

Look up to the cosmic activity, to the breath-taking support overhead of your star brothers and sisters; the stellar fleets protecting, engaging and re-arranging massive amounts of energy and activity.

Yes, look up from the drone of life into the bigger picture.

Look up and become quiet. Be silent and stop the creation of the endless noise of the habit of activity.

Yes, look up and let a great hush fall across the land. Time to listen to those above. Time to relax into the nothingness and the portal of deliverance. Yes, let the great silence fall on planet earth like a beautiful soft blanket of snow.

For we all know, after the snow comes spring, but this time the spring will be eternal in your new home, Terra Nova.

Yes, look up and see what is happening in the cosmos. Asteroids and solar flares are just a miniscule amount of the activity. Go from earth-centric to cosmic-centric. Everything has already been done on Earth, with the exception of Ascension!

Yes, get cozy, get still and rest in silence. Finally, let peace reign as you deeply deeply listen. For this is the time of the DEEP LISTENING. Tune your frequency to the buzz of nothing, the buzz of all sounds blended into One.