A Message from John Lennon: Channeled by Giselle Koy


I am still writing songs my friends. Songs of love, songs of awakening, songs to rattle the cages of uppities, songs of freedom and songs of beauty. My songs are now vibrational soliloquies that travel the cosmos, finding the moment to land on an individual and touch their heart at the perfect moment, catalyzing change. Just like the songs that I wrote still strike a cord in one’s heart every single time you hear them, my new songs do the same - just at the a higher frequency, one you may not hear from where you are. As an icon on Earth I had the ear of the youth, the awakened youth so that change could come.

Do not miss my new songs or my presence for they are there – in you and around you, strumming your heart strings every time you are touched by music. Yes, music on Planet Earth is one of its best parts. Sing, smile, wear a daisy, and be a sign of peace my friends. Your long and winding road is coming to a close for it is a New Dawn. And finally, here comes the sun. Peace