A Message from Mary Poppins: Channeled by Giselle Koy

imageI have been administering a spoonful of sugar on this planet for many years because this density clearly needs sweetness! The children have needed to remember the sweetness of youth and why they are here, not just for slavery within the suppressive systems. It has been my pleasure to assist one spoonful at a time to keep the place bearable, which quite frankly it has barely been. I would like to take a bow for my services will hardly be needed on Terra, where a sweet taste will reside on every tongue, filled with wonderment and wide-eyed excitement. The shackles of dinginess and the dirty coal driven citizenry is now changing. We will all float in our light bodies and sing and dance and play. Puppies will abound along with all things sweet and nice.

Yes, there is such a place my darlings. We were all once children and into children we shall return. Welcome to your new home - The Magical Terra.