A Message from the Spirit of Sedona: Channeled by Giselle Koy


imageWelcome in the swirling energies of my magical lands. What you see here is a fraction of what is happening here. The Temple City is being reconstructed and almost complete. It is just a dimension away and this is the only reason you can’t see the transformation. For this is the reason that ascension energies and mastering energies are intense here. We operate only a next higher and above frequency as you are constantly being snapped up and into your next higher level. Yes, vortexes and supreme architecture are the natural order here.

Our beings in other dimensions can easily see how majestic order is being restored here and that is why Sedona is a spectator destination for others in the galaxy. It is quite beautiful from these points of view. Sedona will be one of the first to reveal its transformation at the time of the jump.What you don’t see is the level you are working on. You are all in high-level Temples with high level teachings and learnings. You are all surrounded in courtly royal majesty – a grand civilization like no other – beyond Egypt and Atlantis – although some of the elements from here continue. See yourselves walking down promenades and boulevards as you currently hike. See the ship landing pads in natural clearings, see the architecture of our great buildings tightening into form in the rocks around you. See nothing at face value here.Respect all those here and the work they are doing. Erase the laws of society – something much bigger is happening here.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Inner and Outer Treasures