A Message from the Rainbow Ray: Channeled by Giselle Koy

Channeling - A Message from the Rainbow Ray - Featured Image - DO NOT DELETE

imageIt is with a burst, a spark, a flash that the Rainbow Ray appears. It is a crack in the veil, a rip in the 3D reality, a gash in lower vibration that the rainbow ray appears. Like a surgeon slicing open a body to reveal the juicy inside; juicy vibrant full-spectrum color, that is the Rainbow Ray.It does not float, it is a crack, a sneak-peek, like the moment when the Wizard of Oz goes from black and white to color.

The Rainbow Ray operates on many levels in that it ascends, it spins, it bridges, it explodes, and it is the energy that takes matter from 3D to 5D. For just as we have always seen the rainbow spectrum as linear, it now blows itself up into a holographic rainbow. An invisible sphere that emits shards of rainbow light.

Juicy light! Amplify the saturation of colors you currently know as a rainbow by 1000 fold and you will begin to see the Rainbow Ray in its holographic wonder. It sparkles, it twinkles, it radiates with all colors at maximum vibrancy. It is beautiful!

For many months, rainbows have been infiltrating your fields. You have been aware of them bouncing off of car windshields, showing up on your digital cameras and taking your breath away in the skies.

Now imagine that every rainbow or rainbow spectrum you have ever seen was a CRACK, a crack in this dimension letting you know there will soon be a breakthrough to a more colorful, richer, more bountiful and more juiced up reality. Yes, all rainbows up to date have been a sneak preview to the presentation or showcase leading to the steps of the rainbow bridge. The bridge that we walk on, entering 5D reality into our New Home on the day of the New Dawn.

Rainbow Ray Decrees:

I AM the Rainbow Ray of All Jewels Sparkling and Emanating into Eternity

I AM the Crack into Higher Dimensions

I AM All Chakras Ignited Within

I Am the Unifier of All Colors into the One Spectrum

I AM the Fully Awakened Light Spectrum

I AM the Resplendent Light of Creation

I AM the Juice of Cosmic Splendor

I AM the Rainbow Ray!

There is more to be published on the Rainbow Ray, this is just an excerpt from a full body of decrees...