A Message from the Heirarchy: Channeled by Giselle Koy

Channeling - The Elegant Way - Featured & Post Full Image - DO NOT DELETE

imageThere is a New Way coming. It is The Elegant Way. It is a reflection of the “Elegant Universe.” It is simple and you will find that actions do not need a lot of effort. In fact, complications and frustrating effort are signs that you have veered off course somewhat.

It is every soul reclaiming itself as noble, entitled to all knowledge and generously given all teachings necessary. It is every soul relaxing in the knowing that prosperity is the natural way. It is the relearning of elegance over struggle. It is a stroll into a grand ballroom instead of a race to be the first one on the subway. It is a final relaxing into true being and letting your divinity show.

It is easy to see in others because there is an easy and gentle smile across the lips. It is the look of people who truly love themselves and have no need to operate out of lack or fear. It is our New Way!