A Message about Lady Luck: Channeled by Giselle Koy

Channeling - A Message from Lady Luck - Featured & Posting Full Image - DO NOT DELETE

imageLady Luck is coming to town. The big buxom wild west character is NOT who she is. She is very lady-like and in a partnership with Love Himself. Their colors are green. Lady Luck likes her men and she likes to bestow her magic in acceptable terms. In other words, there are just those things that happen because of Lady Luck – the lottery, Vegas wins, lucky in love - that is her, slipping luck in slyly like sliding a card to a deck.

She operates ‘By Invitation Only’ so make sure she always receives a gold engraved invitation into your day. And she also likes sparkling gifts so be sure to leave out some jewel boxes for her. Four-leaf clovers, horse shoes, these are on her charm bracelet. She operates by shifting things in your favor at the very last second. That’s why luck has the surprise element.

If you begin to see Luck for who she is – a Very Special Lady, and treat her as such, your luck will change. In your mind, constantly shower her with gifts a lady would like and watch her wink for all her magic happens in the wink of an eye.