A Message from The Love Masters: Channeled by Giselle Koy

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image Love Connections
Who are we? We work as a team to blow up your love concepts out of a flattened, linear, 3D perspective into a holographic field of love in which to reside. Your concepts of love to date are ready to be re-constituted into your new 5D and beyond reality.

Love is not directed or received so much as it is a field. It is the elegant resting place of the heart and soul where one can relax, knowing that the universe is great and good and wants only the very best for you. Not only does it want the best, it is tirelessly working so that you shall have that feeling, that knowing and assurance.

We, the Love Masters, also work in the area of personal RelatingShips. In fact, this is our busiest season ever for we are assisting in aligning all with the perfect energy/partner/situation for maximum love absorption. Imagine how much love energy you can absorb and then hold until it can no longer be contained. Then it can be shared and shared endlessly.

To work with us, you must forget all that you know or think you know in the area of how love works. For it is our own ideas that keep us blind to all the love around us. But don’t work too hard at this. Let us, the Love Masters do what we do. Yes, you just need to be ready with your great big willing heart to soak it up!

It is flowing now, sending you in new directions in your life; places and ways of relating up until now you would never have considered. Therein lies the refreshing, renewing, re-inventing ways of love. They are on your doorstep now. Invite them in!

We, the Love Masters, love do do our job – We got this!

Think of us like a soul band – irresistible to everyone! That is how we slide under the radar to deliver you fresh hot original love connections!