A Message from Hilarion: Channeled by Giselle Koy

Channeling - A Message from Hilarion - Featured Image - DO NOT DELETE

imageWhat is an advanced lightworker? It is a level of light working that many of you are now being called onto. Consider it a great blessing because it is a greater way to serve. More will be asked of you, the more you do. In this way, you become a stealth force - quiet, invisible and very powerful. For it is in the surrendering of recognition you advance. You may not receive any acknowledgment for your service. Once you truly let that go, you can step into advanced levels of sharing light. You will feel yourself called to share light and will be magnetized to light sending groups and similar avenues.

All of this is one big current flowing in the direction of group consensus and coordination – A UNIFIED EFFORT - among the lightworkers. It will be many called into a Unison of Effort at the right moment.

Along the way, there will be many smaller triumphs – the results you may never see. But that is not why you are sending light – you are sending light because you are called to send light.

Find your light sending groups and organize yourselves into the unseen and brilliant force you are called to be in. Keep it simple by just sending light to the same place/person/event at the same time from wherever you are. Same focus and same time for now. Your light will be like a lens, dialing in higher frequencies where needed, where we cannot reach.