A Message from the Platinum Ray: Channeled by Giselle Koy

Channeling – A Message from Platinum Ray – Featured & Posting Full Image – DO NOT DELETE

imageThe Platinum Ray is here now to teach. It has been a while for I assist with purifying energy and frequency prior to Ascension. I am ancient but rare for my use is rare. Howmany times does a planet need a fiercely non-negotiable ray of the highest purity? Well now is such a time. For all the progress that has been made by cleansing and purifying the planet as well as humankind, there is still another level. Whereas the Violet Flame protects, transforms and transmutes, the Platinum ray strikes; activating impeccable integrity. It is a purification amongst the already very high frequencies therefore working in the upper octaves.

Just as the spoken declaration of the I Am Presence activates so does my spoken name, The Platinum Ray. Work with me in your meditations and visualizations. Allow my presence and the word of my name to infuse this dimension with these higher galactic frequencies. Here are My Decrees:

I Am the Platinum Ray I Am the Quickening Ray of Ascension I Am the Virtuous Frequency of Impeccability I Am the Silver Light of Intense Purity I Am the Atomic Structure of the Ethereal Swords of Archangel Michael and Excalibur I Am the Razor’s Edge of Perfection I Am the Twin Ray of the Golden Christed Ray I Am the Quickening Ray of Ascension