A Message from the Heirarchy: Channeled by Giselle Koy

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image A Message for the Americas
I am the spirit of Mt. Rushmore, A Spirit of the Americas. Look for me as high ground and the high viewpoint I offer. Every set of eyes that has gazed upon me has left an imprint containing the essence and desire for higher sight, a vision of themselves within the framework of their country, wanting to belong and contribute and wanting a connection with their place on Earth.

Let all those millions of eyes and lines of sight lift and rise now to the skies and to the cosmos. Let your connection to place now be within your Star Nation. Let your vision expand to the grandiosity of all there is and all that you truly are.

Get ready for the highest view yet with the farthest reaching visions, for those lines of sight can now travel light years and land on the rock faces of your true homes in the skies. You will be welcomed and embraced!