A Message from the Ashtar Command: Channeled by Giselle Koy

Channeling - A Message from Ashtar Command - Featured Image - DO NOT DELETE

image Bewitched are the souls of many now for there has been enough proof of our existence even without the tangible existence of proof. It is through the subtler frequencies that you have been able to tune into us and us into you. You are the torch bearers of the light bearers and you are the ones who have listened and heeded the call. You, together, form a ring which you cannot see but which needs each and everyone of you, you know who you are. This golden ring rises, wraps, glows, flies rotates, turns and forms a moving Crown of Heaven.

Many of you are forming relationships with us as the pieces fall in place and the geometrics complete themselves.

See the importance of your position in this ring of light and let it ring true and ring out. Hear the sound of triumph for it is the song of the Dawn of the Golden Age.