A Message from Lord Maitreya: Channeled by Giselle Koy

Channeling - The Great Deluge of Now - Featured & Post Full Image - DO NOT DELETE

image The Great Deluge of Now
Greetings once again.

The Great Deluge of Now is upon us. All the images you have seen since childhood of the great flood are happening with tremendous intensity but it is not a flood of destruction. It is the opposite. The Great Deluge of Now is a flood of energy raining on the planet at this time for rapid ascension. You have more than earned it!

Fantasize about having everything and “try on” the feelings of love, peace, goodness and having everything you want. Fantasize how it feels too good to be true. For this fantasy is a bridge to learning how to accept, embody and emanate all that is coming to you.

Blessings and love from above, asunder and within.