Holiday Blues or Holyday Purples?

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Holiday Blues or Holyday Purples?Why do those holiday blues come around and where do they come from? Mine came one afternoon recently, completely out of the blue, hehe, when I got stuck in the Christmas "muggle" world and felt a “letdown feeling.” Not only was it a “letdown” feeling, but it was laced with anger about the obligation of giving. At any other moment, giving is a natural way with me, I will just blame it on a temporary attack of the holiday blues.

After indulging in this for a bit, I realized that I was just running some old matrix program and it wasn’t me! I don’t really feel that way. It was then I remembered my superpower of lighting a virtual violet/purple flame in the room and sending all negativity and programming into this flame for transmutation. Voila!! Holiday blues are now holyday purples!

Thank you to St. Germaine and the Holy Order of the I Am