Burning Violet

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About Giselle – Slide Show Photo 10 – Do Not DeleteI sit this morning, watching the U-stream from Burning Man;a desert vision of a timeless civilization stirring alive around the Temple as my thoughts and feelings stir about the entire meaning of the experience.I didn’t go this year for many reasons. The part that felt relieved from the enormous effort and discomfort involved has been pacifying the part that yearns to be on the playa this morning, victorious in riding the week long wave from start to finish with it’s indescribable adventures. I watch the scene of the sunrise over the Temple, ready to be burned tonight, igniting the prayers of all men, while the poetry of Rumi floats over the vision of a mystic cloud that is Burning Man. There are loves there. Loves who have grown and been forever transformed, having made this journey. There are loves I have never met there, transformed, having made this journey. There is heartsick in the watching, having not made this journey this year, but instead letting the fire burn inside me, an internal transformation. So to all fires, internal and external, I offer my highest yearnings, for the transformation of all beings, into our magnificence.

I am the violet flame in me, burning all impurities.

~ from the Holy I Am