A Message from the Holy Brothers: Channeled by Giselle Koy

Great White Brotherhood

Great White BrotherhoodHoly Brothers Here.
If you humans only knew how much you were participating in the ascension of your planet. The two greatest forces at work here are the waves from the central sun and the transmutation that is happening through the human body.

Today we are talking about the transmutation through the human body and we want you to understand what a magnificent and massive contribution you are all making to this effort for the upliftment and ascension of your planet.

Many of you are using tremendous amounts of energy for this, although you may not be aware. You may feel overwhelmed at times, not knowing that so much work is being done THROUGH you. We of the Holy Order of the I Am and the Holy Brothers want to thank you for your devotion and the pouring of yourselves into this mission.We see what you are doing and it humbles us as you cannot see what is on the other side of all this. We can and we know you will be pleased. And thrilled. And surprised. And awed. We send our love and devotion and awe of you and remain at your service until the words “Ascension Complete” are decreed.