A Romp Through the Fields


fields_of_gold_by_augustlight-d39z6czSo much of what I see happening right now seems to be explained in terms of fields. The universe is an undulating field of energy.

We know through the Unified Field Theory that we are all connected and that we all affect the field.

In fact, our particles are all shared.

And every action, every thought, every vibration creates a global ripple as in The Butterfly Field.

We resonate with the field through our hearts.

And we navigate the field with our heart in The Resonant Heart Field.

We transform and leap into new consciousness instantaneously in the Quantum Field.

We plant our field, harvest our field, and allow the field to go sallow, all as parts of the divine natural rhythm.

In fact, the more in tune with these natural rhythms we are, the more we flow in and out of all states of being without judgment or alarm.

We journey with plant medicine and meet in Strawberry Fields Forever.

There is the Field of Daisies where you run towards your lover in slow motion.

We meet in Rumi’s Field beyond right and wrong and dissolve into God consciousness.

Scientists are studying right now the Electromagnetic Field and know that it is created by a combination of our heart resonance and the combined forces of solar and earth energy.

The field that has captured my attention lately is the Field of Impeccability.

I was first introduced to this concept by Merlin, a mystic who lives in Ashland Oregon and who is on the constant search to re-gather the Knights of the Round Table.

I say constant because the required level of impeccability seems hard to attain in the human realm.

Impeccability is living on the razor’s edge of divine integrity. And the world could use some impeccable knights and priestesses.

My impeccability seems to always find me sooner or later.

In every situation I am in that is not harmonious, if I wait, I will soon see that there is a ripple in the field. Either I am not requiring impeccability from others, or, shocker, I am not being impeccable.

I see impeccability as a portal.

When I choose it, I get a gift every time.

It’s like instant feedback that let’s me know I am following my next perfect step.

Fortunately, this is not about moral impeccability but harmonious impeccability.

After all, aren’t we all here just remembering our impeccability?