The Universal DJ


listening-to-musicThe romance with this process started a few days ago. I blocked out the world and completely plugged into music. I hit "shuffle" on my iTunes so that the Universal DJ could do its thing and play songs that matched the vibration I was in - profound love, bliss, private revolution and sacred soulfulness. With this soundtrack of songs like "War" by Lennon or "Early in the Morning" by Doyle Bramhall II, I was no longer an appreciator of deeply connected music, I was an extension, an amplification of this holy vibration. The playlist kept getting better as the day went on, taking me deeper and deeper. Wrapped up or encoded in this music is every human emotion, every heart-quaking desire, every bone-splitting pain, every love-tendered salve; in other words, the full human experience.

Music is at the heart of inspiration. If I were to say that it is everything I would not be far from the truth. It is the cosmic language. Everything is just vibration and music is vibration. It moves us and never fails to inspire us. Vibration is the future of all healing and all science. Sometimes when I am deep in the flow, I cannot even listen to music. It touches me too deeply and I just cry.

There is new music to be made to keep us all matched up together in this vintage sensuous dimension known as Planet Earth and the full-on human journey.