I am Deep Down the Road of "When"


look-upI have been feeling something amazing is going to happen to me. I’m not alone in this feeling, so many are feeling this right now. I feel it down in my bones. It is with certainty that I feel that which I most desire moving towards me. Am I celebrating? No. Being excited to the core about what is coming, I have entered into the WHEN. My mind cannot stop focusing on how wonderful it will be, WHEN it happens. So here is the tricky part. We are supposed to stay in the vibration of that which we most desire. However, there is a fine line of staying in the vibration and in so aligning with that, we lose the NOW. The NOW begins to pale in comparison to that which we know is coming.

Out of all my years of meditation and devotion to the NOW, which is the only access point to freedom, I am right back to finding the joy in the present moment. So in this full human experience, I am back on the incredible journey to NOW.