Is Sexy the New Spiritual?


hot-sexy-yoga-poses-4The World Doesn't Need Another Spiritual Teacher In the New paradigm. The guru is being replaced by the inner guru and the new spiritual teacher is the one who makes you feel better; about being human, about your life, about loving yourself and about what is. I want to go to the bookstore and get something juicy so I can get right to the meat. I donʼt want to have to labor through some dense spiritual work. I want chocolate covered sushi; the protein and the dessert together, jet fuel with a cherry on top.

I never really thought spirituality would go out of style and of course it doesn't really. It just changes flavors. Sometimes we are devout and reverent and sometimes we are craving the colorful, lusty world. It just seems like the times right now are all about reaching the sacred through the human buffet. Is sexy the new spiritual?