I May Get Loud


2009_it_might_get_loud_002I was having the kind of day today that felt like a quicksand bath. I had a horrible headache, felt clumsy in my body and was wondering why I thought I could ever write another book. I stumbled around town and then finally gave up all thoughts of working, working out or eating healthy. Instead I went to a theater and saw the movie “It might get a little loud” with Jimmy Page, Jack White and the guy from U2. Ten minutes in to it, I realized that half of the time we are hungry, it is not for food. It is for a higher vibration, which you can sometimes get from food, but that is only part of it. This movie fed my being on every level. As an artist, a creative person, a lover of music, a lover, a rebel, a student, a teacher, an ageless creature, a spirit. It passed the heart leaping test one hundred fold, my heart was lurching forward at the communion of vibration with others who live for and on inspiration.

An elegantly smoldering and musically intoxicating Jimmy Page talks about how it begins as a creative spark, catches fire and then burns bright. We KNOW that place and live for it. Everything else pales by it. It is the energetic addiction.

Why am I so in love with the electric guitar these days?

It’s the amplification. Artists have this deep need to connect with others. It doesn’t matter if it’s through music or words or painting or circus balloons. But the electric guitar is the physical instrument of amplification. Pure vibration, Loud. With your hair messed up.

I can’t get enough Jimi Hendrix, Rick Dufay, Doyle Bramhall II, Cream, BB King, the list goes on. Just can’t get enough.