This is the Most Fun I Can Have Today


The Now Screen

Movie-ScreenWhat if

what you saw in front of you was defined as YOUR SCREEN. It is your movie that you are watching every second. Wait, let’s get even more specific. Your body is a projector and your eyes are the rays that are projecting the moving image. Everything that you see, in your field of vision is the screen.

What if

that is ALL you could play with: what is on that screen. You cannot look at past scenes or future scenes but only that which you can see. All of your amusement, information and engagement could only be from this screen, THE NOW FIELD.

What if

the only opportunities that existed were available or accessible through this NOW SCREEN.

What if

you knew that you would never be bored, in lack, unsurprised or wanting because the NOW FIELD could never disappoint. But you can’t cheat either. You cannot let thoughts of lack or disappointment or anxiety or fear in unless they were presenting themselves on the NOW SCREEN. Then you would know exactly what to do.

Now, just plug in some good music from the universal DJ known as “Shuffle” on you iphone for a soundtrack and see what shows up!!