Spring Equinox 2014: What This New Light Means


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b7e5zF8Vng&list=UUczDItcckEYE_Ka2EPDpD7w A Message to Lightworkers from the Councils of Light via Giselle Koy:

This message contains light codes for integrating the new energies pouring in from the Spring Equinox 2014. Enjoy your new adventures in this light!

A Message from Buddha: Channeled by Giselle Koy


[youtube=http://youtu.be/yk_pFoAdXKo] Lord Guatum Buddha speaks about Ascension Times in the year 2012 and how to align oneself with peace during these trying times. Now more than ever a quiet mind is needed for the opening of the heart portal into your Ascension. His thunderous heart of compassion is infused in his words and felt in this transmission. Channeled by Giselle Koy, September 27, 2012.

A Message from The Reign of Peace: Channeled by Giselle Koy

Channeling - Message from The Reign of Peace - Featured Image - DO NOT DELETE

[youtube=http://youtu.be/_sclCc2KMDk]The Reign of Peace is on the horizon because it is a horizon – a matrix that floats slightly above the Earth at the level of man’s hearts. It smooths disturbances and holds its calm flat form, allowing events to rise above and below but always coming back to rest on its smooth surface. It dissolves events back into its solid matrix blanketing the Earth, the Crowning Glory of Ascension.

The New Dawn rises over the Horizon Matrix of Peace, illuminating its surface like a bright golden sun, creating a flash of blinding shine.

The Reign of Peace is upon us.

Practice feeling this balance, this still-point of no drama, no disturbances in you your field. Learn to float and move along its coordinates. Know where it is and notice yourself rising above and dipping below and then coming back to rest in the Peace Plane of Existence.