A Word from Pallas Athena

The Holy Manifestation of God’s Law


It is with supreme honor I present you with the fine points of God’s Holy Law.

For now is the time on Earth when God’s law can reign, will reign and must reign.


For when all is in divine order, no other law may reign supreme over God’s Law.


We would like to paint a picture of the structure of councils. Imagine rings, similar to space ships floating in the heavens. Then imagine them always in constant motion, fading in, fading out, brightening, enlarging, coming in and out of form as easy as breath.


These assemblies meet for everything much like your court systems today. To serve on a council is an honor and one that many people today are being etherically trained for now. This is a big area of density work and also a way for many current politicians to clean karma. It is hard for politicians to clear karma on planet earth. Whereas most Ascended Masters clear all karma before ascension, not so with all political leaders and figures. 


These councils are divided by the subject of grievances and issues on a wide variety. From relatingships law, the justice between individuals and planetary law, such as toxic clean-up on a galactic level to cosmic law including huge beings, light and dark forces of immense magnitude, travel and the arrangement, creation, initiation and inauguration of new governing systems, much like Planet Earth is now getting.


Imagine these councils as holy rings descending down now and replacing the current law of the land with this much higher council system. Members are appointed by the hierarchy. There are no so-called elected officials at this point. Even if they appear to be elected, make no mistake, they are chosen by the hierarchy, even if they appear to be out of integrity.


For example, in US elections the high council may allow the dark forces to have a seat and win for the higher purpose of initiating drastic change. A prophecy will then be fulfilled and completed, thus releasing and inviting the new government system of God’s Law.


It is the environment needed so to speak for this to happen. Be trusting of the process for it will appear like a world is going back into the dark, as it will for a time – only to be delivered into the light of God’s Holy Law where Supreme Power Reigns.


It will be exciting and greatly entertaining as long as you trust and see the bigger picture. It will be political theater at its best, a special situation rarely seen in civilizations but always portending of a great fall and a new beginning. The Phoenix of Justice, rising once again.



Have faith and patience in the process and know that there is much more happening than meets the eye for the leaders of many great civilizations are now participating as well. Egypt, Rome, Atlantic and Avalon are some of the few.


Imagine an inaugural ball where all dignitaries are presented and have a role. After all, this is the closing chapter of Earth’s powers and governing bodies, and their swan song.


Etheric fanfare and royal processions will abound, inaugurating the new councils and blessing the New Lands in their God Sanctity and Holy Sovereignty.


Blessings abound.  


~ Channeled by Giselle Koy



Spring Equinox 2014: What This New Light Means


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b7e5zF8Vng&list=UUczDItcckEYE_Ka2EPDpD7w A Message to Lightworkers from the Councils of Light via Giselle Koy:

This message contains light codes for integrating the new energies pouring in from the Spring Equinox 2014. Enjoy your new adventures in this light!

The Effectiveness of the Platinum Ray

The Effectiveness of the Platinum Ray

The Platinum Ray enters the Earth’s magnetosphere and passes through every grid surrounding Earth including all fear based grids. It reboots light grids; repairing and restoring tears, weak spots, holes and fissures.

With each grid it penetrates, it snaps to, reconfigures and reorganizes all energy patterns in association thereof. It passes though the Earth’s oceans which are grids themselves.

It seeks and finds its frequency match within the crystalline core of the Earth thereby making a pure connection from the Earth’s Core to the Galactic Core.

The pulsing happens at a mathematical rate based on a celestial ratio of the The Perfectual Harmonic.

We feel it as the quickening within our own fields. Events, circumstances, thoughts and actions begin to reconfigure to the these new codes. Those who are actively ascending understand this clearing energy yet others may experience it as chaos.

The Platinum Ray sears. Visualize this pure silvery light pulsing from the Galactic Core to the Earth’s Core, passing through all grids, including the grid of the human heart, synchronizing the One Beat of Ascension.

Giselle Koy and Team Light: Who Are Those Guys?

Giselle Koy and Team Light: Who Are Those Guys?

Join Giselle for a personal interview with these two Galactic Activators who travel the world, make videos, and Have Fun! How did they get this job and what is a Galactic Activator anyway? Find out how you can join the fun.

Rion DeRouen is a Light Warrior, activated 4 years ago and has been crossing the globe activating sacred sites. He is the creator of Anomaly Entertainment and a product line of wands and vortex generators.

Jason Stiles is an ex-military para-rescue squad member, Sedona vortex guide and creator of a line of new products called iPyramid.

They lead a group along with other galactic light workers in Sedona called Team Light who help facilitate grid adjustments, clearing and activating sacred locations around the planet and raising the collective resonance for all beings.

Giselle will be interviewing Rion and Jason about their respective awakenings, true mission work and how they got such a fun job!

Here's the link:


Passion Codes

Passion Codes

I AM the intoxicating ambrosia of all manifested fruits of creation!

I AM the burning truth, searing the hearts of mankind onto action!

I AM the purple passion flower of all deep resonating centers!

I AM the depth of your vision of purple, taken to its ultra violet frequency!

I AM the lightening bolt of divine inspiration, striking all chords of resonance!

I AM the Resounding Universal Idea!

I AM the Sparkle of Cosmic Consciousness!

I AM the same drive as the Creator!

I AM the divine manifestation of all conscious fruit!

I AM the stem of all creative streams!

Preparing for A Message from the Ascension Team Delivered by Giselle Koy

Preparing for  A Message from the Ascension Team Delivered by Giselle Koy

Greetings and Rejoices! On 12.12.12. there are two alignments with, one in the am at 12:12 and one in the pm, at 12:12. These are times to sit quietly and just receive the blast of the Great Cosmic Mother; connecting your heartbeat to hers. Feel these heartbeats come into sync. The only instruction is to receive this Greatest of Blessings!

As you meditate, locate the Flames of Ascension within your own body. For this stage of Ascension on 12.12.12 they are the Violet Flame which engulfs the whole body from head to toe, in full intensity, in it’s final stages of transmutations.

Between the feet and the solar plexus is the Rainbow Flame, creating a bridge between this and other higher dimensions.

In the heart is the Purple Flame with Golden Center. This is the Ascended Violet Flame which activates the Golden Center of the Heart of Christ Consciousness.

Keep these flames stoked all day and for the next nine days until 12.21.12. Let them transport, transmute and deliver you to the Great Oneness!

Holiest of Blessings to the Oneness We Are!

Chronicles of Scotland No. 2

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Misty, Mythic and Mystic

I named this journey to Scotland, “The Parting of the Mist.” I’ve always seen the mist as a visible form of “the veil” for it clears when one can “see.” It is written that the passage to Avalon was through the mist or through the veil that is merely a portal to another dimension. Meditation is also a clearing of the incoherent mist between the right and left hemispheres of the brain to create coherence or super clarity. (another quality of superbeings which I am writing about elsewhere) And nowhere is the mist more beautiful and surreal than in this part of the world.

On this trip, I also see the parting of the mist to reveal the myth; myth as the portal to seeing clearly. In Scotland, this handsome corner of the world, myth is what you eat for breakfast. William Wallace, the endless brutal wars, the sacred sites, the druids, the royal successions, the castles, the crown jewels, the curious coat of arms which is a lion and a unicorn, further proof to me that unicorns are real, and on and on. There is high regard for tradition which I now see more as respect for the myths that are still living.

So what is the difference between a myth and reality? Could it be that reality became myth?

My theory is that some of these so-called myths actually existed such as the unicorn and other magical creatures but died off as our consciousness of them died off.

And this suggests to me that they can be re-activated with consciousness as well.

Scotland is drenched in a history of mystics. It is suggested that Jesus himself traveled to Scotland to study at the feet of Scottish mystics. And then there is Iona, who, according to the Akashic records, lived in a mystic community who moved there after Atlantis disappeared. These Atlantean Priestesses, when threatened, were protected by ordinary druids. Oh, and by the way, if you wanted to visit Iona you didn’t need to get on a boat, you came on the astral plane. Once again, more mist to clear in order to clearly see.

There is also a small hill, that looks more like a bump, close to Bathgate, known as a major ritual site. There are henges, graves, stones and circles –back to the Neolithic period. Cairnpapple, as it is called, was most likely used for moon-worship, sun-worship, rites, calendars; similar to Stonehenge. It is said that King Arthur used to live nearby. The Knights Templar owned the land and used it for, shocker, secret things.

But alas, true mystery is still alive. It is the fertile mystery that IS the divine feminine. The energy that eternally bows to the natural way, the rhythmic cycle, the cataclysmic destruction, the tender new growth, the soft yielding, the fierce look, and the omniscience.

You can see it in her eyes.

And you can see the mythic and the mystic in every face, once the mist clears.

Chronicles of Scotland No. 1

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Chronicles of Scotland No. 1A Visit to Rosslyn Chapel, UK What does ancient smell like?

I am first hit with a wall of smell throwing me back in time upon entering the Rosslyn Chapel. This smell has a message and the message is O L D. The chapel was built before Columbus sailed for the New World in 1492, for goddess sake.

Layer upon layer of ancientness floats between notes of stale lavender, blue-blooded mildew, tree sap related to frankincense, medieval apothecary formulas, alchemical experiments and the smell of sacredness: all without too much tampering over the centuries. It is a Temple of Non-Tampering which gives it a top note of secrecy still taking place, right under my nose.

In the crypt at the bottom of the descending stairwell the smell crescendos into a “we just opened up someone’s tomb and thank god they were well preserved” smell. However, the bodies are long gone, unfortunately tampered with.

Rumored to be buried below the crypt and sealed shut is the mummified head of Jesus Christ, the Holy Grail which is the treasure of the Templars and the original crown jewels of Scotland.

To get here, I took a bus (double-decker!) 30 minutes outside of Edinburgh through Scottish postcard farmland and then walked up a quaint village lane. I spoke with the little old ladies of the chapel running the tiny gift shop before approaching the dark chambers of the chapel.

Once inside I realize I am in a very dense, symbolically-laden, aesthetically pleasing and puzzling monument: an epic poem in stone. It is strangely intimate, cozy and grand at the same time; the scale and siting of the chapel being ridiculously perfect. It must have been designed on the golden mean in every possible iteration.

It is Pagan, Christian, Medieval, Masonic and Mysterious all at once.

There are ears of corn carved into an arch even though corn was not yet discovered, because like I mentioned, Columbus had not yet sailed. Did the Earl of Orkney travel to the Americas before Columbus? Were these people secret masters ?

There are music boxes carved into the ribs of the two groin vaults near the front alter. The most recent research claims that the music boxes are actually cymatic patterns and that altogether they make a piece of celestial music. As a side note, I was later that evening going to have dinner with a physicist who has recently done extensive research in the field of cymatics.

Other marvels include a life sized Templar Knight with a greyhound curled at his feet carved into a floor stone and 110 carvings of Green Man, the pagan symbol of renewal and fertility throughout the Chapel. It is exhausting to list all the marvels, so I leave that to the scholars.

But I will say that this Chapel is now a part of me. It has left a personal, sensual and intimate imprint on my relationship to the existence/non-existence of time: a physical portal accessed through the sense of smell. As another side note, supersmell is a supersense which is a quality of a superbeing which I am writing about elsewhere.

I could have been a Knight, bent down on one knee, conducting a Templar meeting and designing hidden vaults with masons, one of the reasons for the chapels’s existence, or gathering the masters, thinkers, saints, alchemists, wizards, wisemen, and powerful sages of the time for secret meetings to exchange secrets of the universe which we could have been killed for knowing.

After leaving the Chapel at sunset, I walk to an Inn with a picnic table under a tree to wait for my dinner companion. Across the street I notice a man drinking a beer at a café table. We wave and he eventually saunters across the street to join me. We begin a conversation discussing the mysteries of the universe as if we were picking up an old conversation from centuries ago. Apparently the Templars are still gathering….

Time for an Adventure


Guide-To-A-Masai-Mara-Safari-Adventure-in-KenyaOh wow, I almost forgot. I was actually thinking that something outside myself would make me feel whole, content, happy. Maybe a boyfriend would do it, or a trip to another continent for a while. How do we find the discernment of knowing when we are escaping and knowing when we are just choosing a thought or an action that makes us feel better? How do we know that feeling amazing is actually what we should be reaching for at all times? How do we get to that pure and true divine guidance so that we are clear on what is the highest choice?

Sometimes the holidays can shrink me to my lowest common denominator. I seem to land in the densest version of myself, kind of believing what I hear, think and see instead of what I know, feel and align with. I start living in the world instead of creating the world moment to moment.

Well, whether I get on a plane and leave or not, it is still time for an adventure, both inner and outer.

Killing the Guru, Again


40170814Forever, there have been two approaches to God. The first is organized religion which states that you can only have a connection to God through us, the Church. This is the traditional model of looking outside ourselves for “the way.” And those that show the way are the priests, rabbis, pastors, ministers and some gurus. The second is the Gnostic approach which states that we all have our own direct connection to God and that we are already divine ourselves. Those that show the way here are the ones that help you to find God within and may be any type of guide or teacher. According to a survey by Pollster Lou Harris last year, 97% of the American people say they believe in God. Of this majority of Americans, there are two manners in which they will seek God and that is either through organized religion or through the self.

In the New Paradigm we have now entered, more and more people are waking up to the truth within. In fact that is what the New Paradigm is all about: living our lives as the divine beings we are and perceiving the world around us a reflection of this divinity. It is a new territory we have entered, the Aquarian Age where Planet Earth is assisting us to connect to God directly.

The world doesn’t need another spiritual know-it-all in this New Paradigm. I know this because I have spent my life looking for the one person or “way” who could take me to enlightenment. And what did I find? That we are all having a human experience and no one in a human body is immune from this.

Do we need help finding the guru within? Absolutely! Everyone including spiritual teachers needs reminders and inspiration from time to time. We are all here having a human experience and it wouldn’t be a human experience without the experience of our humanness, which means feeling the full range of human emotions.

The self-help industry is an $11 billion dollar industry. People are looking for ways to transform themselves and their lives. That is why it is called “self” help because people want to help themselves. I feel the self-help industry gets a bad rap. In fact there is a TV show in development about children raised on a diet of self-help books. Granted, many self-help books grasp at straws and are either incomplete or just don’t work.

So why are so many people writing these self-help books? Because so many people are wanting to know how to help themselves. And there are many ways to reach God and our divine selves so there is room for many voices. Is that a bad thing? No! We may have to hear it 50 different times, 50 different ways, by 50 different voices until one day, something clicks. We are all looking for our unique blueprint, our unique path, our unique contributions and our unique gift to share. We don’t know exactly what will reach out and touch us at what time.

The guru is being replaced by the inner guru and the new “spiritual teacher” is the one who makes us feel better; about being human, about our lives, about loving ourselves and about loving what is. The new teacher is the one who teaches that we are all just divine beings having this human experience and the way to divinity is by embracing this experience and all of it’s flavors.

The new teacher is directly connecting us to God, not to him or her.

The new teacher teaches that desire is in fact a divine path and that feeling good is our birthright. We shouldn’t have to work so hard to find our divinity as it is right under our noses. But we need permission. Permission to go for what we really want and permission to know that our desires are divine information. Pure and simple.

And why shouldn’t there be joy along the way, as well as pleasure, delight, play, sensuality and excitement? Right now in my life, I want to go to the bookstore and get something juicy so I don’t have to work so hard. I want chocolate covered sushi; the protein and the dessert together, jet fuel with a cherry on top. I want my new spiritual meal to be packed with potency, fun, inspiration, and a little danger; something I can relate to and something that interests me! I have read many of the greats and loved them as each one has rocked my world. There is always a time and a place in someone's life to deepen ones knowledge and faith through the study of spiritual teachings and scriptures and mine has lasted for ten years. These are texts that transmit “living truth;” living texts that eternally contain the highest vibration of truth. Some of my favorites are Eckart Tolles’s “The Power of Now,” Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi,” the ecstatic poetry of Rumi and anything by Osho.

So why am I not reaching for those classic texts at night? It’s because they feel SPIRITUAL. Being “spiritual” is like a cat trying to be a cat; he already is that. Why would he try and become something that he already is? That’s silly. Yet we as spiritual beings are “wanting” to become more spiritual. Actually it’s the other way around. We as spiritual beings should be wanting to become more human. That is what this book is about; giving ourselves permission to become more human. To fully embrace our divinity through our humanness. Otherwise, why are here in a physical body?

I hear people all the time saying that they feel unfulfilled and want to get more “spiritual.” So they do what we are all trained to do: look outside ourselves and our own experiences. The truth is that it is just ourselves we are out of touch with. Our teachers need to help us connect to God by ourselves. Anything other than that, where we give up our power to another person is a betrayal of self. This book is all about returning to the innocent, heart-desire driven, child-like approach to life.

I want a new take on living a ravishingly lush and profound life that embraces not “trying” to be spiritual and not looking or behaving like I am spiritual.

I never really thought spirituality would go out of style because our true nature transcends any kind of style. But the way we approach it as we grow and transform, changes flavors from time to time. Sometimes we are devout and reverent and sometimes we are craving the colorful, lusty world. It just seems like the times right now are all about reaching the sacred through the human buffet.