A Word from Pallas Athena

The Holy Manifestation of God’s Law


It is with supreme honor I present you with the fine points of God’s Holy Law.

For now is the time on Earth when God’s law can reign, will reign and must reign.


For when all is in divine order, no other law may reign supreme over God’s Law.


We would like to paint a picture of the structure of councils. Imagine rings, similar to space ships floating in the heavens. Then imagine them always in constant motion, fading in, fading out, brightening, enlarging, coming in and out of form as easy as breath.


These assemblies meet for everything much like your court systems today. To serve on a council is an honor and one that many people today are being etherically trained for now. This is a big area of density work and also a way for many current politicians to clean karma. It is hard for politicians to clear karma on planet earth. Whereas most Ascended Masters clear all karma before ascension, not so with all political leaders and figures. 


These councils are divided by the subject of grievances and issues on a wide variety. From relatingships law, the justice between individuals and planetary law, such as toxic clean-up on a galactic level to cosmic law including huge beings, light and dark forces of immense magnitude, travel and the arrangement, creation, initiation and inauguration of new governing systems, much like Planet Earth is now getting.


Imagine these councils as holy rings descending down now and replacing the current law of the land with this much higher council system. Members are appointed by the hierarchy. There are no so-called elected officials at this point. Even if they appear to be elected, make no mistake, they are chosen by the hierarchy, even if they appear to be out of integrity.


For example, in US elections the high council may allow the dark forces to have a seat and win for the higher purpose of initiating drastic change. A prophecy will then be fulfilled and completed, thus releasing and inviting the new government system of God’s Law.


It is the environment needed so to speak for this to happen. Be trusting of the process for it will appear like a world is going back into the dark, as it will for a time – only to be delivered into the light of God’s Holy Law where Supreme Power Reigns.


It will be exciting and greatly entertaining as long as you trust and see the bigger picture. It will be political theater at its best, a special situation rarely seen in civilizations but always portending of a great fall and a new beginning. The Phoenix of Justice, rising once again.



Have faith and patience in the process and know that there is much more happening than meets the eye for the leaders of many great civilizations are now participating as well. Egypt, Rome, Atlantic and Avalon are some of the few.


Imagine an inaugural ball where all dignitaries are presented and have a role. After all, this is the closing chapter of Earth’s powers and governing bodies, and their swan song.


Etheric fanfare and royal processions will abound, inaugurating the new councils and blessing the New Lands in their God Sanctity and Holy Sovereignty.


Blessings abound.  


~ Channeled by Giselle Koy



A Message from St. Germain

A Message from St. Germain

Let us dazzle you as you have dazzled us. For the work we do which might amaze you is no less a wonderment than what you, the lightworking citizens of Planet Earth have done.

Yes, we are pulling out all the stops now—embodying, walking in, stepping in wherever we may be needed. The Light has won and we are “Creating the New.” As you may not see it immediately, be aware that there is a lag time. For the air is dense at “sea” level or shall we say it is dense for those who have yet to “see.”

Yes, there are many viewpoints to see your current state of affairs and unrest on the planet but as you well know, there is always a higher viewpoint and that is the one we see from, as well as many of you.

So let us dazzle and do a few things you cannot as you have done the things we could not. Victory of the Light has been achieved. Please be entertained by the unfolding of the Ascension Play on Planet Earth.

Your Man of Wonder,

St. Germain

~ Channeled by Giselle Koy

A Message from Krishna on Falling In Love with God

A Message from Krishna on Falling In Love with God

I am one of the members of the celestial management team. I have epochs of popularity and for some I am a guiding and original force. For those that resonate with me are the passionate Sirians – the blue people and galactic romantics.

For I represent the romance with God.Christ is for salvation.Buddha is for equanimity and peace.Krishna is for falling in love with God.

My habitat is one of beauty with flowers from Venus and of course the Gopi Goddesses who represent beauty, the divine feminine as they flow rivers of devotion.

For many centuries, these rivers off devotion were the only thing to ride on to God – the energy was dense here but these waters were magnetized so that you could put your life raft on them and be carried by truth and faith. For many, what was once these great rivers of connection would now be considered merely drops because the energies now are far greater and a million times more potent.

But what does that say about mankind? It says that his spark of God within himself cannot be extinguished. For merely drops of divine flow were enough for him to devote his life to the calling.

I am the creator of bhakti – devotional energy. Think of this unawakened Earth and times of lower frequencies. Then think of growing a rose simply to give to god. Now THAT was a way of creating very high energy in an unevolved world. I infuse devotional practices such as meditation, mandala building and giving of the heart of God. Think of a beautiful woman who knows there is a higher love than can be offered to her by any man. That’s how hard she falls in love with such an energy.

All of the artwork of me and my Gopis was Sirian inspired – beautiful blue people in the grandeur of nature.

Ask me to amplify your devotion to all areas of attaining mastery. Let the music of my flute weave a spell that calls you straight home. It is time for your devotion to be returned to you in another land. For devotion is Krishna Consciousness.

Christ Consciousness is the golden ray that slices through. Christed is a word that describes the lightening energy of Christdom – the kingdom in your heart.There is an aspect of this Ascension that requires the lightening strike of Christed energy. It is the catalyzing force to be coordinated through telepathy and through the joining of man’s enflamed heart and awakened hearts. Look for me to quicken events and strike through.

Buddha Consciousness – Solid, rooted, sitting at the base of thee tree – all-knowing, seeing beyond the veil.The energy of stillness. For while all this is happening I am the one that knows that nothing is happening within but the vastness of peace and equanimity.

This is your celestial management team, bringing enlightenment, love and peace. Together we three have spiritual power and popularity and have aided in sustaining the existence of this planet. Our energy activated by you on Earth was enough to keep the dark from taking over.

Our DNA is such that we are all three unlimited in our ability to reproduce ourselves infinitely. Each off you truly has your very own Christ, Buddha and Krishna at your service. See us as your mighty team and see our roots deeply entrenched n the atomic structure of your DNA as well.

Channeled by Giselle Koy

Mary Magdalene - Twin Flame Significance

Mary Magdalene - Twin Flame Significance

Many who so desire a twin flame are actually desiring a conscious sexual partner for the physical act of transcendence. That is a good thing to ask for - it can fast-track someone on their spiritual journey. But the twin flame is work!

Yes, physical union in some cases – but the work of completion of all karmic ties – quite a handful. And quite a blazing fire in some cases!

It is good to sometimes ask for your highest God-sanctioned sexual partner for the fountaining of one’s crown. So much confusion about sex on Planet Earth – I know, my sexuality was very misunderstood. For you see, I knew the power of sexual union as taught by Egyptian and tantric masters.

It is an alchemy to be learned and experienced. But as you know, something so powerful as this began to be “controlled” and the control came though “morality.”

The church could not come into your bedchamber and control activity but they could come into your conscience which was their way of entering your bedchamber for the sake of controlling and preventing high sexual union. So they forced their way into your thoughts with the weapons of guilt and sin.

Let us now clean the planet of all remaining sexual fear grids surrounding union – and clear the path for many to experience this beautiful path to transcendence – and connection—through the body, mind and spirit.

Through the chakratic system and through the blessing of the lover’s union.

Sacred indeed.

Mary Magdalene via Giselle Koy

A Message from Metatron on Matrix Magic Channeled by Giselle Koy

A Message from Metatron on Matrix Magic Delivered by Giselle Koy

The Science of the Expanding Thought The Matrix of Expansion How a Thought Changes the World

I Am the Eternal Ray— This is a matrix that extends beyond the beginning and beyond the end. The Alpha and the Omega. I am an Aspect of God—God’s Angelic aspect but also the aspect that works with the creation of light domains.

Light systems are light fields—or you could see them as matrixes. It is actually a very exact science with specific principles. The Unified Field is the Operating System for your current state of evolution on Planet Earth.

It exists to Unify. It teaches that all particles are unified within the entire cosmic system. One organism so to speak. The state of such unification brings cohesion to the particles in man’s brain and gives him celestial proprioperception. It is here, in knowing one’s place and value within the larger system that one can begin to connect the dots, so to speak. For actually knowing this, this thought alone changes the atomic structure of a man’s brain which in turn affects all of his human operating systems such as hormones, nerves, skeletal, digestive, etc.

As without, so within.

Expansion in all things is the cosmic growth factor—it is the trajectory of growth and the outcome of growth as well.

As part of our 5D awakening, all other systems beyond the human body are moving into expansion as well. Yes the financial and government systems as well as the medical and educational systems. For each system itself is a form of a matrix that will be rebooted and recharged.

So this is how the power of thought changes the world. And this is how it happens on an atomic level.

Mastery of Love: A Message from Sanat Kumara

Mastery of Love: A Message from Sanat Kumara

The Root of all things is love. Get to the root always and as quick as you can. In every endeavor, find the flow of love first and send it out, like a river flowing to all life forms. Flow Love to all on Planet Earth. You are there and can send love light very powerfully as an inhabitant of this dimension.Yes find the still point so that you can feel your way to the grand generosity of the human heart flowing love to all sentient beings.

See it as a luminous system of aqueducts, flowing perfectly. Celebrate the arrival of oneself into one’s larger self – the one beyond the grasper, the one who no longer is seeking, into the One that flows love to all.

Celebrate this Arrival into Mastery of Love.

Channeled by Giselle Koygisellekoy.com

Excalibur! A Message from El Morya as King Arthur: Delivered by Giselle Koy

Excalibur! A Message from El Morya as King Arthur: Delivered by Giselle Koy

Let he who wields this sword be heard!For it is I who pulled it from its slumber in the rock. But not by strength. It was by the perfect intersection of my innocence, my pure heart and the existence of the Nature Kingdom of Camelot.

Yes it was a moment in time when magic made itself a force I could hold in my hand.

Excalibur is the ideal resolution to any situation made manifest. It is virtuosity in deed and steel – another intersection of God and Man, here on Earth.

Justice, righteousness, impeccability, all qualities forged by man’s true nature—Unsheathed.

Kiss the Sword called Excalibur, an etheric object much like the Holy Grail. They are both ephermeral and many things to many people at many different times—a shape shifting artifact.

Let Excalibur continue to float and spin, throwing off shards of divine light, reflected by the sun and landing in the twinkle of a masterful and noble man’s eye.

Let everyman carry the word as is his birthright and his perfect intersection of pure heart and virtuous deed.

The Reign of Excalibur

A Love Letter from Lady Portia to St. Germain: Delivered by Giselle Koy


Tis I. Writing to my beloved. Yes my work of alchemizing balance in these turbulent times is all consuming yet you do get my attention. For you get more than my attention. You sit as the source for much inspiration. As I see your superior role in Ascension, I rise to my role of balancing, and in this way, we meet through our most sincere efforts.

Yes, I feel a meeting close at hand and I prepare as any woman would – annointing myself with oils and sacred perfumes of her holiness, enchanting expressions, gowns of deep green and blues, hair of shiny oakwood color and a pure heart beating at the mention of your name.

We shall celebrate together this great victory of Ascension when many have made it and meet privately; our very own cosmic tryst. Our very own trip to a Rousseau painting in the garden of Eden in the woods of Avalon.  I have been working with the wine makers, the oil makers, the gentle ladies of the womanly arts for our meeting. I have been singing to the bees so that my love may flavor the honey I will be serving. Every ingredient of every essence I have selected to enhance our meeting has been infused with my love. The Earth itself when all such gifts come have been blessed and blessed and blessed. Thrice  blessed; one blessing for every century of loving.

My bank of love is beyond rich and will be shared with all, a fountain of bounty and abundance all created by my love for you. But there is no hurry. Every moment these things intensify, making the wait all worth the while.

God speed to you and those at the forefront of the Ascension Team. Let’s now bring it home so that we all may return home and back into the arms of our beloved. Always in my heart, you are now and forevermore.

I am your Lady Portia